Bucket List!

  1. Touch the Eiffel Tower
  2. Touch Snow
  3. See Aurora Borealis
  4. See my dad's old University
  5. Walk across the Abbey Road
  6. Learn how to drive
  7. Sing a rap song
  8. Visit GERMANY
  9. See the Wagha Border from both sides Pakistan | India
  10. See the the Niagara Falls
  11. Be in two places at once
  12. Have a puppy of my own
  13. Go to Mecca
  14. Accomplish reading all of Roald Dahl's
  15. Have someone write a song about me
  16. Play more than one instrument
  17. Go to Europe
  18. Visit Australia
  19. Have my own brand of Cosmetics
  20. Get rid of Asthma
  21. Learn how to write with right hand
  22. See the beautiful Venezia
  23. Make my mum and dad happy
  24. Whale watching
  25. Rescue a person
  26. Go to NY/Milan/Paris fashion week
  27. Eat Sushi until I can't breathe
  28. Learn how to surf
  29. Meet Victoria Beckham
  30. Kiss Hajar Aswaad
  31. Go on a road trip all around Indonesia
  32. Write a book
  33. Capture a photo of a lightning
  34. Finish a lollipop without biting it
  35. Have a fashion line
  36. Visit Hawaii
  37. Go across the remaining Berlin Wall
  38. See a live Broadway show
  39. Have over 100,000 Subscribers
  40. Trend on Twitter
  41. Walk through the Red Light District
  42. Pray in Nabawi
  43. Dye my hair crazy colours
  44. Learn how to dive
  45. Go Skydiving, Parasailing or Bungee jumping
  46. Live outside of Indonesia
  47. Shop at Champs Elysees
  48. Visit New York Times Square
  49. Go on tour
  50. Get Married