Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What is in my Travel Make Up bag!

I have been so blessed with the ability to travel within and out of my job.
I might explain later how I manage to travel so much and how I have set my eyes on traveling as a goal, but for now I will let you into my little secret pouch of minimalistic make up that I bring along my journeys to see God’s finest lands.
These are it:
You might be wondering, but how do you apply them?
Well, i have brought with me this super compact travel sized brushes that are the perfect ‘all you needs’!
I also might carry a beauty blender (the black one) I forgot to inlude in the photo because it was on my table.
But the original beauty blender is the best and super versatile for different usage!
I should be going to bed an hour ago.
So I’ll see you on the next post!
X, nessie.

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  1. Hello nessie,

    How are you? I like ur blog, ur traveling is great. Sorry for my english.