Saturday, January 13, 2018

Desk Cleanse

 Cleaning my workspace.

I had pondered and wondered long enough how much tick-tocks will be spent sitting upon this very affordable set of furnitures that I have managed to bring on a long journey from IKEA to Cibubur, the answer would be: enough. long enough.

I like my desk clean, but I'm not in any shape or form, a neat person.
I like to create things, I'm the type of person that stuffs clothing materials inside my closet and would get up at 2 AM to cut them and try to invent a clothing if suddenly I had an idea that comes to mind.
It's a blessing and a curse, I swear.

But here's the thing: I get bored easily.
So I needed to clean, choose, throw away things from my desk that I no longer want in my life in this new, splendid, exciting year.
what changes have you made this year?
tell me! x

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

DIY Christmas / New Year / Holiday Hampers

The days are counting to its closing of the year 2017.
Many smiles that were shared this year was due to a few major parties in your life.
Why not send them a little collection of treats to let them finish their year sweetly.
I was looking around for hampers that I could send to major companies that I've had the pleasure to work with this year. I had no luck because it was last minute.
But you know me, I wasn't gonna give up and DIY isn't something I'm new to.
So I've decided to make my own. ;)
I went to the local gift shop and got:

Colourful Christmas tree ruffles decoration thing
Tin Cans (I got 3 different types)
Jars to put cookies in
Custom Greeting Cards
More Chocolates
Clear Plastic to put everything in
I think they turned out really really cute and I'm happy I decided to not give up on it!
What do you think?

N E S S I E // 2017