Monday, October 30, 2017

twenty four

Greetings from your Nessie,

almost ripe at the fair age of 24, 
her long wavy hair has been through a lot,
ironed as straight as her sexuality,
and chopped like her dreams of studying in Germany. (oops)

Her dark brown eyes are hungry to see the world,
to fathom why people and races are swirled,
why in portions of the globe it snows,
and why in others there's only rainfalls.

Her fingers trace the dots on the map,
curled her lips as her mind tries to wrap,
her plans and her prayers,
may they all sync in pairs.

So here's a greeting from me,
still burying my face in poetry,
even in decades and years to come,
I'll dance to the beat of my own drum.

With improvements, why of course,
Like wine, I'll get better with age,
turning love and passion into force,
and the earth shall always be my stage.

So 24, be kind to my convention,
I ask for more stamps in my passport,
more people with good intention,
and away from the ill-hearted.

So here's a greeting from your Nessie,
twenty-four and defiantly ready.


here are a bunch of people that I do not deserve,
who made my day brighter than any birthdays before,
with games and love and laughter and smiles,
won't trade them even for Harry Styles.
 (@brampanji , @ruzzyruffy , @aulion)
Ruthfi read to me the poem she had written back when the bitch backstabbed me back in the 10th grade by not telling me that my ex-boyfriend was smoking the whole time we were in a relationship (lmfao) but he's irrelevant, and she and I turned out better friends than that lying scum, we're all good. I loved the poem, I nearly cried, but I didn't bc my highlight is esspensive. ha!
This was the second time my make up almost didn't survive. That blue box, THE BLUE BOX, containing the necklace I've been drooling over every time I quietly gaze inside a Tiffany store (not while having breakfast - why very un-Holly Golightly of me) A pair of hearts that now hang close to my own. I'm in love with it, more in love with the man who handed them to me. Not bc he spent his earnings for me, but bc while I gaze into Tiffany's, he was gazing at me, with the desire of wanting happiness for me. And that's a gaze I thank God and am eternally grateful for. Love you. Beems.
Aulion spent his energy, time and creativity to invent games for us to play and it was amazing, funny, witty and an overall perfect addition to the little partay. 
God, you're all so amazing, it pains me to guess what I'd done in my life to deserve this.
 (still replaying 'you've got a friend in me' and GJYPS - Koplo Version in my head)
Who doesn't love balloons? Although they cost lotsa money and float for only 3 hours, we'll take a million of them pls.
Thank you, Beems, Pi, Yon.
All of your nicks combined sound Chinese, but we are Asians and I'm a quarter Chinese so it's ok.
Love yous!