Thursday, June 1, 2017

t h e o f f i c e .

For months Bram, Ruthfi and I have talked about renting a space for an office. Being self-employed can be frustrating without the change of sceneries, without the friends, without the space to express oneself.

Working in a creative industry especially, I struggle daily when I have to wake up and walked 2 steps to get to my working space. It didn't inspire me, in fact, it stopped my brain from functioning and made me lazier than the piece of crap I already naturally am.
SO on February 2017, we moved in into our base camp.

We went to IKEA and got a TON of things, and stuffed them into my little Honda Brio.

I knew from early on that a creative space needs to be clear and inspiring. I convinced my officemates to settle with white and black, ..and loads of plants. Oddly enough, they were more concerned about the plants. I had to ASSURE then that it would be amazing to have greeneries. They still never admit that our office looks SMASHIN' because of the plants, despite the countless compliments we got on it.

I sit in between Ruthfi & Bram.
and we dance in between shooting & editing & following up clients.

I love our little basecamp.


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  1. huftt i'm so jealous with you kak ness T_T. Kakak ngelakuin hal yg disuka tapi bisa menghasilkan uang, seandainya aku bisa seperti itu :(