Sunday, June 18, 2017

anniversary, second of that.

March 9th marked the 2 years Bram and I have been together, and this post is long overdue, I know.
I've been channeling all of my effort and every last drop of sweat onto my YouTube channel lately and slowly progressing to write again. Baby steps, baby steps.

March 9th came around and Bram asked me to go on a date (why did I just flushed writing 'date' ? this must've been the millionth date we've been on) but yes, he awkwardly did ask me to go spend time with him and not talk about work (contrary to popular beliefs, Bram and I spend 90% of our time together working, either on brand deals, video ideas, editing, prospect projects, discussing rates and all that) and sadly, when the date came, I had to shoot a video with Han Yoora, Andovi, Chandra, Tommy and a couple others for Yoora's channel. We always work around schedules, and this time we opted for early sunset dinner at this Rooftop restaurant. 

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He brought a bouquet of white roses, my name means white roses,
and white roses means much for me. 
Like his presence, persistence, faith in me. 
Bram, I don't say this enough, but thank you.

Bram, I don't say this enough, but thank you.

Thank you for not the two years you've been in my life,
but for the two years of friendship, teamwork,
and the two years that I've been smiling and appreciating life.

Thank you. 

love always,


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  2. Both of you are looking very adorable with each other. I congratulate you on your second anniversary of friendship and trust my paper reviews being together. Both of you are very cute and I pray to God to keep both of you happy and always stay together.