Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Lodge Maribaya, Bandung

So, the last time I went to Bandung and took a break with Ruzzy, I had to take travel-bus back to Cibubur alone from Bandung after the trip because Ruth lives in Bogor, therefore we would have to go on different directions. I don't like travelling for 3++ hours in a travel-car alone.

Being the whiney, spoilt girlfriend that I am, I called my boyfriend and told him about it. He then, out of nowhere, told me that his brother had to attend a wedding in Bandung that same day, thus if I want, I can go back to Jakarta with them. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? 

THAT's fantastic, because a.) I get to pay less haha! b.) I have Bram to accompany me to go to one last place before heading home!

Well we opted for The Lodge, Maribaya upon seeing hundreds of pretty photos and fantastic reviews on Instagram. Haha! 

What it is, is essentially a place for tourists to gaze upon the countless pine trees from above. The colour scheme is everything you'd wish to see, all soft greens and blues, making everything you take 'instagrammable.'

Instagrammable /ˈɪnstəɡɹæməfəl/
The word to describe a photo or image that is worthy to be posted on your Instagram feed

If you're not in a place to read anything negative, skip the next paragraph. 

Reality blows though, it took like 3 hours to get there from Bandung City Centre, nearly 100k of Uber Ride, and if it isn't as expected, once you get up there, there's 98% chance you won't be able to find Uber or Grab to go down. The place is crowded with people taking selfies with their annoying selfie sticks. And the pretty little restaurant below was quite dirty and surrouded by flies. 
Their "Tree house" costed 15k and if you wanna go up there, you need to que and you're rushed to pose because there is a line of people who wants the same exact mainstream photo you've just taken.

For me personally, it's a 'been there done that' kind-a thing,
But Idk, would you like to go to The Lodge and take Instagrammable photos?
Or would you skip it?

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