Monday, November 28, 2016

confused, content, coffee.

Confused, content, coffee.

Hello, I'm Nessie, twenty-three, obsessed with modified versions of brewed coffee.
Which isn't appropriate, given each time I feel rather unfortunate.
It gives me nausea you see, my weak tummy's just extremely choosey.

But that feeling every time I enter a café, of comfy chairs and busy pairs of eyes carefully scanning their lighted screens or pages of books, the smell of brewing coffee and music oh so fancy, you'll unconsciously start tapping your left foot, or singing rather quietly along to old songs that you won't remember how you came to be quite fond of. Or the excitement in your heart as your index finger run down the list of menu, weighing whether it would be latte or their cold blended beverages today.

Or you're instead a tea person, who loves sitting down among coffee people. That's okay too, I guess.

Or you're the worst kind of people at cafes who takes out their selfie sticks and ruin the aesthetically-blessed cafe designed for those in need of fresh working space to pump up your instagram following and then exit without ordering. In that case, fuck you.

 The place that I went to this time is called

Jl. Suryo No.23, RT.3/RW.6, 
Rw. Bar., Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, 
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 

Zomato gave it a 3.9 out of 5 and I think it should be 4. 
The baristas were incredibly sweet and friendly, and it is the absolute best space to work in. 
And above we have: a blurry picture of the space because I'm a hoe hoe hoe who can't work the camera, picture of my boyfriend who ignores my ass to work, and a cup of caffe latte that I ordered. 

Below, I show you more photos of me being a total poser on Kanawa's fancy staircase and snaps of the grey nobluk contact-lenses that I started wearing because I can't fight my blindness as a lone ranger.

 \ kanawa coffee \
also has outdoor portion on their second story, intended for those whose brain is exploding from the amount of work pressure, or instagram pressure (whichever fits your case.)

ps: you're so hot, I love you.

SO, here's me doing a salute:
for absolutely no reason.

If you're a Jakartan who needs a new café to explore, 
I highly recommend checking out Kanawa Coffee and indulge in what it's like to 
feel like you're earning lots therefore you deserve to sit at a fancy place for work purposes. 

Good bye,

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