Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bali Trip, March 2016

I came to Bali earlier this year to see my best friends, Sarah and Soraya, whom I have not seen for 5 years, upon leaving High School.
I've been friends with Sarah since the 3rd grade, and inseparable through out middle & high school, wherever she goes, I'm there. Soraya is Sarah's sister, who I grew up with as well, given the countless nights I spent in Sarah's house with her family. Until they had to move to Australia to pursue their bachelor degrees. Sarah's father is Australian, you see, so it is very convenient for her to move there, get a job, and live surrounded by her family. I couldn't follow her this time, it was very very heartbreaking. I remembered it being very hard for the first year. I had no desire to go out on the weekends, and when things get really tough, I would cry to my pillows wishing I could cry to her instead.

I caught the first sight of her when I arrived at the hotel in Kuta, and it was crazy, this electric vibe just fired inside of me, her voice, the way she talks, the way she hugs, it's so well missed that I can't even explain it. It's like being given one of your limbs back. (Can't get creepier than that haha)
It was as if we haven't skipped a beat, we laugh at the same things, and talk the same manly way we did, hahaha.
I know these are just bunch of photographs that might mean nothing to you,
but it takes me back whenever I go through them.
And that's one of the main reasons I fell in love with Videos and Photos.
They capture moments that our minds might have forgotten, they capture feelings our heart could have misplaced, and they let us travel in time and relive seconds that we ought to abandon.

I rarely get emotional whilst writing a blogpost, but here's where I'm going to end today's.
I wish you a splendid Sunday! <3

- Nessie

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