Sunday, October 30, 2016

Turning Twenty Three

 BEING 23.

Twenty three is here, and it wasn't as shocking or as depressing as I thought I would be.
Still too young to be considered by many as the normal age for regular things like a divorce, a full house payment, a CEO in a big multinational company, a preacher, a scholar, a president, even an attendee of Arisan. But old enough to drive myself to KFC to order their special cheesy chicken menu. WIN-WIN, that is.

I still get anxiety approaching my birthday, but it's gotten better and better over the years, I cannot complain. This year, approaching adulthood (yes, I'm taking baby step, haters back off! *miranda's voice*) myself and Ruthfi, whose birthday fell on Tuesday, October 25, 2016, decided to do a joined brunch. That would mean, we get to invite whoever we want and split the bill. Honestly, BEST. DECISION. EVER! We chose our own theme, printed all printables ourselves, ordered balloons, and stole pineapples! I think we nailed it. SO FUCKING HARD.

So I shall embrace you, 23, we'll be together for a while now, welcome!


  1. Happy Birthday kak @nessiejudge ����
    Allah bless u and ur family ����

  2. Ga ngerti lagi betapa kreatifnya dirimu ka��

  3. 23 is still young.
    2 + 3 = 5
    Happy birthday.