Sunday, June 12, 2016

(PUA) S A T U R D A Y !

 Happy sunday everyone!
FIRST OF ALL, how are you liking the new simple design of the blog?
aaaah, I've been working hard on it and I hope everyone likes it!

We're back to fasting 13/24 for a whole month and it can't be more exciting!
Seeing people get ready to break their fast with their loved ones, then coming to masjid to pray.. everything is so rewarding, seeing it only happens once a year.
Nazneen, Noreen and I wanted to go out for a bit before preparing fasting break at home, so we went to a mall nearby our house for a few hours.

 what I have on my face:
Maybelline Fashion Brow 
Inner corner - Naked 1 Palette
Base - Face Recipe Single Shadow
Crease - Sariayu Cantika Jawa Timur Trio
Eyeliner - MaxFactor
Foundation - MaxFactor CC Cream
Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte
Bronzer - City Color
Highlighter - Naked 1 Palette
Colourpop Ultra Matte - Bumble
how cute is my new phone case? :*
shirt: Unbranded
jeans: Forever21
shoes: Leather flats
bag: Zara
This is a way to pass time while fasting,
what other ways are there? (:

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