Saturday, June 4, 2016

Grunge 90's Style

 I cannot tell you how excited I am, when I came to know that the 90s is making a comeback! From the Choker, to high-waisted shorts, casual t-shirts to off-the-shoulder tops. Everything is p e r f e c t.

 Despite being born in the 90s, 1993 to be exact, I didn't experience it fashion-wise, because I was a toddler with no boobs or shape whatsoever, and my mother used to style me more towards classic-style instead of trendy. So to get a second shot at trying things like choker excites me.
I actually made the choker I'm wearing in these photos. If you would like to know how, comment below!

I have also been loving the neutral coloured t-shirts to wear with washed-denim bottoms, which gives it a more of a laid-back vibes. Such a suitable thing to wear when you want to go with a darker tone make up.
What I'm wearing:
Army Green T-shirt: Mum's
Denim Short: Topshop
Sling Bag: Kate Spade
Choker: DIY

 These are the list of make up products I used:
Base/Foundation: MaxFactor Miracle Touch
Bronzer: City Color Trio
Highlight: City Color Trio
Brows: MaxFactor Smokey Eye Drama kit
Mascara: MaxFactor Clump Defy
YSL Lip Liner - 01
Colourpop Ultra Matte - Beeper

Other than that, I hope to see this trend lasts a while! 
and experiment with more!
have a lovely weekend,

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