Wednesday, May 25, 2016

feelin like ' s u p e r s t a r s '

Hello, so this post wasn't planned.
I had a little photo shoot session with my sister because dad wants to frame our faces on the new frames he'd just bought. So, we had a bit of fun taking more photos than needed.

Earlier last week, I got given these pair of awesome ORIGINAL ADIDAS kicks by an Indonesian Instagram online store called:
and I have noticed how versatile these shoes are, that I would be confident to say, everyone needs a pair in their closet! It just goes so well with everything.
besides being extremely comfortable, the shoes are also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Oh and so in-trend at the moment. Another thing I'd mention, ADIDAS SUPERSTARS are made in Indonesia.
So, local store like @BODATSTORE sells an original for way cheaper than retailed.
Try checking out their account on Instagram and prepare to be surprised!
my sister owns a pair as well, 
this is such a staple that I know I will wear for years to come!
what shoes are your absolute go-to?

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