Thursday, May 19, 2016

Battle of Matte Liquid Lipsticks

is the year of matte liquid lipstick 
even more than 2015.
Since I have had their presence blessing my lips, I have not once decided to shower anything from my +/- 100 lipsticks with any love nomore.
It feels like the most joyful breakup, until I remember how much I have invested on those lipsticks and then everything feels dark, sorrow and sorry (for my bank account.)
BUT today, let's cherish my love for the new collection I have started. 
this is:

Australis Matte Lip Cream.
We will start with something that I instantly fell in love with at first try.
I had bought myself the LA Girl Matte Liquid Lipstick prior to trying this, and I'm not even including it here because that one's crap. Super patchy, then it dries so so so dried, and it leaves marks everywhere. BUT AUSTRALIS has got ONE OF THE BEST FORMULAS EVER.
You can only get this in Indonesia through Online Shop but it is so so worth it, I swear.

Consistency: moussy&creamy
Lasting Power: AWESOME. CRAZY. GOOD.
Applicator: slanted and smaller than normal lipgloss applicators.
Scent: like 'frutella' candy, sweet scent
Transferable: no, unlessed you're eating oily food, then it may.
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipsticks.
The Khaleesis of liquid lipsticks. Colourpop is known for making the best.
I love it, and I've purchased 5 so far, and I can see that my collection will grow and grow.
What I like about this brand in particular is, THE COLOR RANGE IS MASSIVE, which is something that Australis lacks of.

Consistency: watery. not creamy at all.
Lasting Power: god-like. this lasts forevs. defo peck-proof.
Applicator: slanted and similar to normal lipgloss applicators.
Scent: none?
Transferable: no, this one dries completely matte.
 MaxFactor LipFinity Lip Colour.
This one is a kit. So, upon purchasing, you receive a matte lip cream and a lipbalm. The balm itself is a great great product, but now having three kits and three balms, I started seeing how impractical the kit concept is. I had bought myself the mauve colour and maxfactor gifted me the rest. Basically, it takes longer to dry, but once it is, it is very hard to remove. I like the consistency and the colours choices, but it is very pricey, perhaps because it's a kit. So, get it sorted, MaxFactor!

Consistency: not as watery as Colourpop, but definitely not creamy or moussy.
Lasting Power: pretty good.
Applicator: slanted, similar to normal lipgloss applicators, short handles.
Scent: none, or chemical-like. :/
Transferable: no, dries matte but sticky!
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.
The SLMC is everyone's favorite, and it is for good reasons. They aren't drying at all, the formula are any lips' bestfriend, the scent is godly, colour range is fantastic and the brighter colour looks absolutely gorgeous. I have nothing bad to say about this except the size, c'mon nyx! they run out so fast!!

Consistency: CREAMIEST.
Lasting Power: moderate.
Applicator: slanted and similar to normal lipgloss applicators.
Scent: cake, rainbows, candy island, and unicorn.
Transferable: a bit.

So these are my review of what I have right now, 
these are available for purchase in Indonesia, either in-store or online shop.
don't worry, I will get my hands on the Kylie Lip Kit sooner or later.
and I'll review it too!
Bye bye!

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