Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas at Shibuya, Japan

Christmas in Japan is surprisingly as festive as in European countries. 
Funny, knowing that the majority of people aren't the followers of Jesus Christ. 
Even more surprising, Christmas is a couple lovers holiday in Japan. YES, so couples go out to nice dinner at fancy restaurants and go to a hotel afterwards. Hey look, I'm not a Christian, but I'd be pretty offended if I were. But hey, the Japanese do know a lot about shopping, and if it means it would get people to go outside and shop, anything they'd celebrate! 
Nonetheless, respecting all kinds of beliefs keep the planet rotating. 
I enjoyed spending Christmas in Shibuya, 
let me share with you the atmosphere of Christmas in Japan!
 whatcha doin father christmas?
Shibuya is the Mecca of Shopping in Japan. 
There are countless shops and blocks of stores to be explored. 
As a tourist from a tropical country, Winter sale is the best thing the world has got to offer after Coffee Latte, so I might have spent half of my savings on sales, but NO REGRETS!

 As of for what I had on:
Blouse: A thick unbranded sweater 
Camel Coat: H&M
Jeans: Nevada (Super cheaaaap!)
Shoes: Nike
Bag: Vierzehn
 This beautiful tree was placed in the middle of shopping area and it's super cute!
Despite what went on today in Jakarta, 
yes, the bomb blast. 
I want to share with you to lighten up the mood.
We'll be okay Jakarta, I know we will.