Sunday, December 27, 2015

Graduation Look

I havent blogged in forever! 
I thought that I'd catch up with you.. well where to begin?
I got a new vlogging camera, and the quality is so much better than my old one!
So I hope it would help me vlog + blog better!
Dress is bought two years ago, I've forgotten what the store was.
Wedges: Payless 
Handbag: Michael Kors Medium Sutton Satchel
Watch: Swatch
Stone Bracelet: GodForbeads (Instagram: @godforbeads)

A few weeks ago I went to this guy's graduation! Proud of him for what he has achieved. Being 1 of only 3 graduates from his whole batch took time and dedication, I watched firsthand how hard he worked on his final tasks, well deserved!
Thought I'd blog about it because the occassion's pretty important, and beautiful to miss. 

 my friend Dhila also graduated, I'm very proud of her!

 C L I Q U E (read: ride or dies)
 this flower arrangement is so beautiful, 
I couldn't be more in love.

Anyways, I'll catch up with you soon!

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  1. Thanks for coming sayang. Makasih juga buat bunganyaa 😊💋💕