Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015 + 22nd Birthday

It's only fitting that my 100th post is my birthday + favourite halloween party so far.
My 'All Hallows Eve' this year is spent at campus. 
I'm the President of Art Division at my Campus' Student Body, so I made sure we celebrate the end of October the proper way. :P I collected my amazing team to plan an awesome, chill party with decorations and good food and I am so happy with how all turned out. 
In addition to all, it was also my birthday, so it's a double party for me and I couldn't have asked for more.
I was going to go as Khaleesi Danearys Targaryen but I feel too energetic and sexy on halloween eve, that I felt like I should just go as half-face (:
My lovely friends took the opportunity to throw me a surprise party, it's too adorable.
Chris, Nazneen & Tanya sang 22
Ella made me this pastry puff in replacement of cake because I don't like cakes
Bram made sure he helped me taking photos the whole night >.<
The whole IPMI IBS was amazing that night, I felt so loved.
 "..but it's halloweeeeeen, baby!"
all and all, 
it was one of the best halloweens I've ever been to,
what were you for halloween?
lemme know! :D

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