Sunday, October 18, 2015

Triangl Bikini Review

So, a package came in the mail with my Triangl bathers in it!
So, if you don't already know, there's a huge hype surrounding the brand Triangl when we're talking about bikini. Basically, I'm going to do a review of this bikini today! 

Type & Colour : 
The style that I went for is called Chloe. I like this style in particular because my bra is between 34B/C, so this style would give it enough coverage, support, and is also adjustable. 
I couldn't decide the colour because everything just look so exquisite, so I asked B to choose a colour from the Triangl website and he liked Santa Rosa Splash best, and honestly, the blue is so beautiful and I do think it's one of their best. 
But honestly, all the colours are so pretty.

Material :
All the bikini sold by Triangl is known to be made of 100% neoprene,
it is the same material as diving suits. 
the neoprene is thick yet so soft, and you can tell that the suit is very well made.
Sizing :
now, the sizing could be complicated because the thing is with Neoprene, if it doesn't fit, IT DOESN'T FIT. But luckily, they have a live chat on their website with people that would help you decide on the sizing. I met a girl called Annie who was very helpful in deciding my size.
So, I was originally interested in both Chloe & Winnie, but Annie from Triangl said that the Chloe would suit my size best. She recommended the size M and honestly it fits perfectly when I tried it on.

if you're wondering if your nips will be visible when it gets a little chilly, I personally haven't tried using it in the pool yet, but from other reviews, blog post, videos and stories, it is thick enough not to expose your nipple to the world, but hey, let's see.
pros :
  • The material doesn't stretch
  • apparently the colour won't fade
  • very well made in terms of stitching and materials
  • website is informative enough + good service 
  • numerous choices of style and colours
  • prestige
cons :
  • most of the styles aren't adjustable
  • if the sizing is chosen incorrectly, it won't fit due to the non-stretchy fabric
  • it takes a while to dry
  • the bag's stitching is quite shitty tbh, don't count on it
  • quite pricey for a pair of bikini
Over all, I'm in love with my new bathers, 
it's super beautiful and hopefully I'll have a good run with it.

What's your favorite style from the Triangl line?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lobbyn Kitchen & Bar

So, like I've said a couple posts ago, I've grown tired of going to malls, 
I rather sit somewhere and have quality talk with people I care about. 
i hope not.
Aaaaanyways! today B took me to a surprise place (thanks baaabe! <3) to chill called Lobbyn Kitchen & Bar, located in Kemang, Jakarta, Indonesia. Honestly it is such a pretty place that I couldn't keep it to myself..

I opted for a small cup of Machiatto while B is always, ALWAYS, so loyal to his Lemon Tea. 
honestly, this place has such an amazing view overlooking Kemang. 
I personally just have this extra strange love for Kemang, since I spent everyday of Junior High struggling to get there on time for 3 years. Haha, and also, walking to McDonalds everyday after school. Oh, wasn't it glorious, the time I couldn't get fat.
hahahaha, honestly, I have no explanation for that photo.
it's just hilarious.

aaaanyways, just thought that I'd share with ya'll photos & infos of this pretty place..
are you like me and you're starting to get tired of malls and opt for cafes & diners instead or you're still a mall person? lemme know! :D

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I'm a little GUACkward

Hello, good people!
If you don't know, I'm a Mexican-food Obsessed, to the point that I would trade my first child for an extra guacamole (no, not really, but you know what I mean)
Anyways, I wouldn't have to trade anything for extra guacamole because I can make it myself!!!
Guacamole is good with EVERYTHING, so I like to make some in my spare time to be eaten later with tortilla chips, or crackers, or anything really.
Today I'll share with you the easiest guacamole recipe you'll find!
all you need are:
Ripe Avocados
Lemons (or Lime)
Red onion
Tomatos (optional)
Cilantro (optional)
 First, scoop your avocado out, put it in a bowl and mash the heck out of it.
go on and squeeze some lemon onto the bowl!
 cut your chilis, tomatoes and have your onion minced and put them all into the bowl.
 AND WHOALA! you have yourself a nice, tasty GUACAMOLE!
I served it tonight with some Salsa Sauce, and super tasty Chicken Quesadillas!
let me know if you'd like a recipe on them too!

Hope this recipe's helpful somehow, 
Tell me, 
What's your favorite food?? (: