Friday, August 14, 2015

Fascinating Bandung


HELLO friends! I was out of my mind frustrated this past month during holiday, because this holiday happens to combine both semester break and Ied Holiday.

So I told my friend Vanya "Minyo" Qinthara that I will be coming to Bandung to do a video with her and to refresh my mind. She, being the sweetheart that she is, was ecstatic to have me come over.

So, we've decided to film together because we've planned it in forever, and I just really need to explore Bandung which I have not visited in like 7 years at least.

PLUS, my bf was also in town, staying at his friend's house for work purposes,
so he came to join us sight-seeing and driving us to these cool places..

You're either going, "yeah right, gitu doang, that's normal even if you two are staying together, this is 2015" or "what, omg they went on a holiday together" or "BOO YOU WHORE." and it's okay,
I respect your point of view, please be fair and respect mine.

But, I am an Internet person, I do share my life with you all, and 
Here's my trip to the gorgeous, inspiring Bandung.

Let's start with this conceptual cafe, Widely Project.
It's a nice hipster place with a cool distro that sells artistic Indonesian things..
The coffee wasn't so expensive either, you can get a glass of Machiatto for about 33,000
Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Forever 21
Sling Bag: Vierzehn

We also went to this shockingly, stunning, mind-boggling place called Lawangwangi,
which is an art gallery, my absolute happy place.
I can't get over how beautiful this place is.
this cutie pie though >.<
AND THEN (getting super excited),
We went to a bird cafe (?) called Day & Nite.. it's got such an interesting concept!
It's got birds all over it, and some aren't caged and they stay in place being happy and chirping and I LOVE THEEEEEM! also, THEY HAVE FLUFFY BUNNIES.
aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! secute!
Love these girls! such moodboosters! <3

And then my cousin, Kak Kemal also cooked some dinner in his house for me whilst I was there!
It was so much funnn!
I am an avid Bebek Goreng lover,
I will one day elaborate my love for Bebek Pak Slamet (cabang Solo yang asli) and then I was introduced to this lovely restaurant called Bebek Kaleyo, with competing taste and lovely service.
So overall, 
I'd give this trip 10/10..
I can't wait to go back! 

Have you been to Bandung? 
tell me what other great places I should visit!


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  1. I have been to Bandung for countless times, since my grandma lives there along with my brother who goes to a university in Bandung. I visited some amazing places in May, such as Taman Hutan Raya, Tebing Kraton, Dusun Bambu, Curug Cimahi, and Stone Garden (Taman Batu). I recommend you to go to all the places I've mentioned :D though, it's quite a struggle if you want to see Curug Cimahi from up close.. I even made a post about it haha!