Saturday, August 29, 2015

Clea Tea Bar Kemang

Good morning, at the moment I'm writing this, it is precisely 3.45 AM on a Sunday.
I have been great, busy but great.
Amongst holiday, I've kept myself entertained with Group Field Project meetings and some socializing, today I went to a job fair to see how competitive people are in finding jobs.
Whilst it seems like most jobs applications are filled with semi-excited-semi-desperate people who looks for sources of income, it's heartwarming to know that more and more of my countrymen have degrees and are able to work using more of their brain and less of their muscles.

After the job fair, Bram and I wanted to sit and talk, but instead of going to malls which we've grown tired of, we decided to sit for tea or coffee. We came across a lovely Tea Bar called Clea in Kemang.
I have been obsessed with roses since birth (my name itself means "White Rose"), so I couldn't be more excited!
We sat and discussed the job fair, good places to work in, studies, etc amidst the scent of roses,
what more could I ask for?

Loved the place!
Need to visit more of these and less of malls, if I'm honest (:

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