Friday, May 8, 2015

Launching of GODIVA New Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolixir

On a random Thursday afternoon, I received an email invitation to the launching of Godiva's Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolixir and I thought, "CHOCOLATE!" so I asked around to see if anyone would come along! If you didn't know Godiva, where have you been?
Godiva is one of the best chocolate companies that's been up since 1926.
 Their main products are types of delicious, heavenly chocolates like these:
Chocolixir is Godiva's beverage serial.
I honestly love chocolate, in the form of a chocolate, but I've never been into chocolate drinks and to try their Chocolixir was a new experience.

Their newly launched product, the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolixir would be a heaven on earth for those who favors hazelnut chocolate.
Godiva describes the product as:
"The perfect combination of hazelnut and silky cream delivers a smooth and sweet texture, the pleasure from the chocolixir is instantly enhanced in this summer."
My first impression of it is that it's like the famous chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, but in the form of a very smooth, delicious drink.
I asked my companions for the night if they'd think it's too bold and icky, but they agree that even though the drink is pure chocolate, its texture makes it consumable and the perfect kind of chocolate beverage.  

They also made us tried other kinds of Chocolixir like my favourite with banana below,
and this Raspberry one!
After going through a Chocolixir coma, Fredericka enlightened us some more on chocolate knowledge of what a good chocolate should be like, from taste, smell and 'sound'
She made sure that we didn't leave empty handed, so she prepped us with a goody bag and a hug goodbye. aww. 
overall, Chocolixir is a defo must-try if you're a chocoholic like myself! :)

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