Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Red Lips & Sweater Weather

"I got that red lip, classic thing that you like.."

There's no better time to wear the all time classic red lips than Autumn or Rainy Season, here on the Equator Line. It brightens up the moody weather like a hot coco on a chilly night!

It's the season to put away those heels, 
pull out them boots, 
put on cozy sweaters 
and pull off red lips!
Over time, I hadn't realized that I've collected quite a few red lipsticks,
here are my favorites for the cold season!

I've reviewed most of the items,
but for this particular season,
1. YSL no. 7 - This is not my favorite, but at times, a little shine on your lips won't hurt and this is the stick to go for that extra gloss.
2. Rimmel no. 10 - Rimmel's lasting power and texture is amazing, this particular colour is the lightest red I have and is absolutely stunning. Click for details.
3. MAC Ruby Woo - This is my absolute favorite lipstick on the planet, the absolute best, God-made. The flamboyant matte red is absolutely stunning, especially for rainy season! Oh and the vanilla scent? #DEAD
4. Revlon 006 - Also a matte red, very similar to Ruby Woo in colour, but about 1/7 the price. This doesn't last as long and not as matte, but it's a great dupe for Ruby Woo.
5. Rimmel no. 107 - Favorite red/plum colour, gorgeous under the dark clouds! Click for details.
6. Revlon 307 - My go-to dark red/brown lipstick! Classic dark red lips for formal events!
7. L'oreal 602 - Slight brownish/redish gloss! This is buildable too, and very casual for uni/school! Click for details.
Surprise surprise, my favorite lips for this sweater weather isn't even a lipstick.
This is a lip liner from Yves Saint Laurent no. 1 that I got whilst I was in Amsterdam a year ago. 

The reason this is my ultimate favorite is the fact that beside the absolutely stunning deep red colour,

LIP. LINERS. don't. budge. 

They stay on for the longest time no matter what activities you have through out the day.

Lip liners are also very compact in size,and more precise in application because they're basically pencil (we've been prepared since we're 3 to apply it guys! just on our face and not drawing book this time.) 

Hope you guys have a vanilla-scented snuggle buddy or at least fantastic brand of tea or coffee and best-selling books by your side in this romantic-melodramatic weather! 
Let me know what other lip colour is your go to for this season!
OH AND AUSTRALIA, summer's not a bad time to rock them red lips too! 


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