Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Being in University and Fun Things

Ola, friends!

Now, I know I haven't been around, juggling between personal life, Youtube & School is tough!
Talking about School (University to be exact but I go to business school, so I'm allowed to call it school, teehee), I feel like in Indonesia, going to University is still something people value very much, which is utterly great. In other countries with social/monetary security (like USA), people tend to think they should just work right away, because University isn't worth the money they will get afterwards. In Indonesia, to secure your place in the globalized country with tough competition, you need more than just passion for your work.
University here varies in prices too, I'm sure you, reading this, can afford one.
I fully support post-highschool study, I think it's important to enhance your skills, and ayee, University isn't so bad either! These are things that make it different than High School:
1. You have your group of friends and aren't pressured to befriend anyone you don't like because everyone is doing their own thing, you're likely to find people with the same interest.
2. Professor don't chase you around for homework like teachers do.
3. Nor do they care if you missed a class.
4. You are responsible for your own time management, whether it is about studying, being late or missing class. 
5. There isn't a set schedule from 7.00 to 16.00 every single day.
6. It also means you easily lie about work schedule to your parents (oops!)
7. Hanging out on school nights are also possible! (;
8. College kids are hella stingy, you'll learn to save your money to the cents too!
9. You'll be surrounded by people with the same interest with you at ALL TIME.
10. Professors don't treat you like children at all, no matter how young you are!
11. INTERNSHIPS! (<- so nerve-wracking but very very fun!)
12. You're an adult now, concentrate on your favorite things because you don't have to care about irrelevant subjects you MUST take back in High School!

(party, volunteering for flood victims, music fesitval, dinner with CEO, beach getaway, MetroTV studio, meeting the one and only Najwa Shihab (I also met Joko Anwar that night!), trip to Singapore, Unilever Indonesia company visit, shooting advertisement, running orientation for new students, bowling!)

As you may know, I go to a Business School despite my massive interest in the entertainment and fashion industry, I figure sometimes you should highlight what you need instead of what you want, and balances the best of both world. That's sort of the basis of what made me choose my degree. Choosing a degree isn't easy, for me to finally chose mine required a lot of sleepless nights, tears and screaming (oh, trust me, I'm not exaggerating!) 

Guys, trust me, I get your fear of choosing the wrong thing and being stuck with it, I recommend you to go see someone non-bias (not your parents, because they have expectations!) like online counseling or at school, join seminars and keep an open-mind. 
Also, join events such as this upcoming UNSW Open Days in Indonesia & Singapore which could help you decide on one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Check out this >> VIDEO << to learn more about what it is and when the event is.

All and all, I wish you the best of luck, 
share this post with anyone who needs it and encourage everyone to keep studying, 
we're never too old or young to spare our time for education! Xxx

x, Nessie

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