Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Accessories Haul!

Hello lovely people!
Nessie here, overly depressed she hasn't been able to upload the video made since last saturday due to unreliable internet connection during holiday. First world problem!!
Although uploading a video just apparently isn't happening with my poor iPhone personal hotspot, I manage to still go online (just not upload any video :( ) 
Summer has not completely been only summer this time due to the clash of the season holiday and a religious holiday, I put aside bathing suites and shorts shopping this time and purchased some jewelries and sunnies instead. 
Again, I turned to Diva for most of my cheap-no-worries accessories, and to my dad's company for a high-end gem stones and (more) expensive beads jewelries. BUT who needs expensive stuff on a vacation? I don't. I'd rather bring those I won't regret when losing. 

1. Headband - Diva (US$ 15.95 | Rp 185.000,-)
whAT THE HECK IS THAT?! oh that's a hairband with spikes and roses on them. Why did I get it? I don't know, it just looks really good on my hair and I thought it makes me look extra bad-ass.
2. Hoop Earrings with Crystals - Diva (unknown)
These are also from Diva, I just lost the tag (thus the unknown price.) I just thought these would look a little fancy if there's any big celebration or party I'll be invited to. Besides, it would compliment your summer-tan-glow perfectly.
3. 'Imagine' Bangle - Diva (US$ 5.18 | Rp 60.000,-)
If you knew me personally, you'd know that I'm a big Beatles fan, and all of its members, dead or alive. I have performed this John Lennon's hit before and I love the lyrics, speaks to me, if that makes sense. I just had to get it.. 
4. A 'Bohemian' style Ring-Bracelet (US$ 12.85 | Rp. 149.000,-)
I don't exactly know if this is bohemian-like, but it looks hippie-like to me too, I just think it's adorable!
5. Flower Sunnies (unknown)
My sister got this for me during her recent trip to Singapore. This doesn't have a brand, she said she got it at a bazaar or a festival or something. I haven't got any with this style, I'll treasure it!
These are Cheap Monday Psychometrie Sunnies! I was unable to find this particular sunnies on the Website anymore, but a store online sold it and this one just caught my attention. I always find Wayfarers complimenting to my facial shape, but I don't have one that is good quality. Most of my sunnies are from H&M, Accessorize and all those inexpensive but so-so-quality brands. This is relatively the same prize as Accessorize's but when I get ahold of the product, it is incredible! very well made, the quality is a lot similar to Rayban's, the screws are tight and it feels really good sitting on your nose, just a really nice quality sunglasses. I thought it's about time I get one good Wayfarer as I wait for my dad's old RayBan to get fixed. :)
7. Pink Wayfarer - Accesorize (14.90 | Rp. 360.000,-)
As I said, most of my sunnies that I switch around and swim with without hesitations are these kinds, I saw this and thought that I haven't gotten one in this colour though I've been adoring soft pastel colours lately. So I got these pair! 
8.Simple Black Hoop Earrings - Diva (US$ 3.99 | Rp. 45.000,-)
I had a pair of these exact same style of Earrings back in High School, sadly I lost one! They suit almost every kind of clothing, events and seasons. Can't go wrong with a little black hoop earring!
9. Studs! - Diva (US$ 2.58 | Rp. 30.000,-)
The biggest, best find of the day! These were on sale and for someone with 10 piercings, this was DIVINE! Do I have the patience to change them up? probably not, but I'll give it a shot!!
I also got myself pairs of feet-companions for the holiday!
Above are colourful flats from The Little Things She Needs which were on a one-day-sale given to everyone participating in Presidential Election (Chinggg! I was more than willing to show off my blue-marked pinky!) I think they're about 20 bucks? I don't remember!
Below are a pair of hippie-like Brash Wedges which I've been eyeing for sooo long! I finally got it!
I think that these are really good finds and I'm very happy with each.. Although I don't know if I would've purchased the pink Accessorize Sunnies if I had gotten my hands on the Cheap Monday one first! I will try to make the best use of everything!

What are your most exciting recent purchase(s)? 
I'd love to know!
x, Nessie

Monday, July 14, 2014

Deutschland Weltmeister 2014

-not reviews and hauls today, let's explore my non-girly side-

I remember when I was 8, my dad would stay up late watching the World Cup. Without asking, I know if there's any kind of event where all the countries in the world are competing, his heart would be with Germany. He didn't miss any of their games, so when I curiously sit next to him, I would see strangers in white jersey running around chasing a ball.

I remember the excitement declared through his voice as he screams "Goalll!!" or "Torrr!!", the glittering passion through the eyes of the audience, the pride projected off the players' mute scream, silent, unheard through the cheering of hundreds of thousands. I remember wanting to understand why.

I asked my dad a lot of questions, and sometimes, he just loves explaining things to people without being asked. Which, although now seems like the most obnoxious thing, was very helpful when I was younger. He told me that the German loves a good concrete system, they don't like counting on luck. I fell in love with the game, and even more with the team my father highly regards.

One of the first games I remember watching during 2002 World Cup, my dad was saying something about someone with a difficult last name, being his favorite. I scanned through the players and I pointed at one young man wearing number 11, Miroslav Klose, I told my dad, "Him, number 11, that's my favorite!" I think my dad laughed at how I don't have a legitimate reason to favor this Klose person, but that's it, he's my favorite, I'll stick with my words. I parade around his name at school the next day, partly because I couldn't remember any other names of the other German players.


Until I fully understood Football/Soccer, that's the only name I'd mention if anyone ask me who my favorite footballer is. Strangely, the more I understand the game, the more I admire him. From being 8, to 12 -when I started playing football/soccer, to 16 -when I was captain for my school's girls football/soccer team-, and now 20, there are numbers of players I had come to like, admire, fangirled for and forget, but one name stays on my top 2 at all time; his.

Last night, I stayed up from 2 - 6 AM, though I have not one, but two exams today. I know I wouldn't be able to miss my favorite team finally being on the final again, after 12 years. I screeched with pride as the final whistle was blown, declaring their status as the World-champion.
There's something a little bigger than pride, to finally see those "strangers in white jersey" raised the glorious trophy above their head, passing it on from one to another, as if to assure themselves that this wasn't a dream. It's crazy, how I don't know them, nor are they representing MY country, but until my own can step up and play in World Cup, Germany will always be my team.

If it's true that last night's game is Miro's last international game defending Der Panzer, I would like to thank him. For inspiring me and unknowingly showing me more than the greatness that is this universal game, but also passion, the fact that 12 years ago, people would ask me who he was and from which team. Today, you'd have to be massively pretentious if you say you like the game but don't know who he is. From zero to hero,
the man I randomly chose now holds the world record of the most goals on world cup tournament!
You'll always be my favorite player, Danke für Alles, Miro!

x, Nessie