Monday, June 23, 2014

Politics, Busy Week & 1K

A little hello from me,

Amidst the chaotic ignorance surfacing through the warmth of Indonesia's tropical ambiance leading to the upcoming Indonesia's Presidential Election, I for once, (almost) do not parade around my choice voluntarily (with over-exaggerated alacrity.)
Do I have a choice? You betcha. 
Do I have a problem if the other wins? No, I personally don't. I would much rather have Jokowi-JK win, but I do respect Indonesia if it's chosen to think otherwise. After all, with support, prayer and love, I hope we can send positive vibes to the big men sitting in big chairs running our beloved country. 
It's unhealthy to have an anathema, especially not someone who has your whole country in his hand.

So, that's quite brusque considering Indonesia's going through what feels like a political battlefield right now, with 2 VERSIONS of posters, billboards and flyers in the corner of your eyes every possible angle you can possibly roll your eyeballs to. Friends become foe, family fights, I just can't seem to fathom people who aggressively offends and defends, what's the point of the black campaign and calumny, guys, one of these guys WILL BE OUR PRESIDENT.

Okay, enough of that political shiz.

I woke up one morning around last week to this:

1,000 SUBABIES! 
I haven't been able to grasp why anyone would watch any of my videos at all. I just enjoy making them and I enjoy watching people interact on the comment section. '120,000 views' means my videos have been watched 120,000 times in total. WHAT.
They are like ...real people, like..BOOM! mind blown! 
Thank you, if you are one of those who have joined crossing to the dark side muahaha *evil laugh*.
I am excited to do better, fun stuff on my channel with you!

I've had a crazy week and an even more mental weekend!
(on the way to Electro Run)
I volunteered for Electro Run last weekend and still am knackered. My cupidity for a great wild free-spirited experience granted me a spot on the refreshment booth, or as I like to call it: wait-what-i-didn't-sign-up-for-the-hardest-job-here, preparing drinks for 11,000 thirsty people eager to flood their belly with drinks. 

The race started at 7 pm, but myself and 19 other people started stacking drinks at 5/6, I'm not even sure. It succeeded wiping my whole make up off, leaving a little bit of eyeliner which I cherished with my whole heart. 
It was such a cool event regardless, I was so glad I got to be a part of it!
I redesigned this whole blog in attempt to start writing again after a hiatus that feels like an eternity. I get bored of things so easily, I constantly need changes, I 100% need it. 
So here's to a restart, and first 1k of !
Thank YOU!

x, Nessie

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