Saturday, May 17, 2014

Super Easy Aglio Olio Recipe

Hello friends!,
It's a messy hair and dark lips sort of day, I'm not complaining.
I just got off mid-terms for the five subjects I have this semester; Thought Leadership, International Business, Project Management, Supply Chain, and Statistics. (Yes, they are in order from the one I can (still) tolerate to the ones that make me want to jump off a bridge.)

Friends, I miss my friends. Being at University is okay, but the less school days you have = the less time you spend with your friends = the less bond you have with them. Some people are family oriented, well, I'm not. I'm one of those freaks who build tension whenever I'm around more than one family member. I'm avoiding fights because it's unhealthy, so I've been alone most of the time.

Being alone can be good though, right?
Not for me, it's not.
Thank god blood is thicker than water, my cousin, Shahnaz, comes to hang out with us every weekend and we now try to be somewhat productive and adventurous on weekends and try to do new things to make our life interesting without having to go through 4 hours of traffic to go to the city and do nothing at malls.

We tried to make Aglio Olio pasta, God knows why.
it was extremely simple to make and tasted amazing!
all you need: 
+ Pasta
+ Virgin Olive Oil
+ Mushroom
+ Garlic
+ Red Pepper/Chili
+ Italian Parsley Leaves
+ Salt & friends (optional)
1. Chop all the garlic, mushroom, chili, and Italian Parsley leaves! Chop all of 'em!
2. Boil some water and cook da pasta (drop it like it's hot uyeeaahh)
3. As you age and wait for the pasta, put the debris of things you've chopped earlier on a frying-pan and fry them with the virgin oil!
4. Lastly, put the cooked pasta on the frying-pan too and cook them together, add salt and more oil according to how wet you want it to be. (that's what she said. wait. what.)

Maan, I thought I sucked at cooking, I'm even worse at writing recipes. Trust me though, 
THIS WAS DELICIOUS! (and as easy as an Italian food can get.)

What's your favorite easy-peasy-recipe ?
I need to try making them too!

x, Nessie

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