Monday, March 31, 2014

Talks & Cakes

It's the first day of April! 
Someone please stop the time, I'm getting dizzy.
Yesterday was a national holiday and what better way to bid March our farewell than by celebrating with Cinnamon Rolls and some girls chat? 
I really wanted to watch Divergent but I haven't had the time to, and the people around me just don't trust me when I say it's awesome. I read Divergent in like 2 days, I. am. basically. obsessed. 
I was going to watch it today, but I just have things to do for school and my youtube channel, I think it's best if I stayed indoor today. (Though it's the last thing I'd want on such a nice day.)

My sister, cousin and I can't bare not meeting each other at least once a week to talk about stuff. We've grown up basically together, and though my cousin is 5 years younger, she's way too mature for her age and I guess we're kind of to blame. 
We took to Saint Cinnamon to spend this national holiday and welcome the lovely April,
I basically had the pleasure of putting these dangerous calories-bomb onto my system, and boy does it taste like sin. (A really really tasty sin. )
I'm pregnant. 
(Not that it's important or anything but like it's pretty relevant and this is why I'm welcoming april.)

april fools.

x, Nessie


  1. Haha that last part almost caught me :) Happy April Fools Day

  2. I agree with you! This year is going so quickly.