Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mein Liebstes Deutschland,

I've got a history with the country.
Since I was very young, the only place I believe will be where my next life would happen is Germany. My father lived in Germany for 14 years before returning to Indonesia, and all I knew, that's where I was supposed to go too. I root for Germany in the world cup or any other tournaments, my favorite footballer (to this day) is Miroslav Klose, and I memorized a lot of facts and names of things since I was young.
I grew up and things change.
I wanted to study something between Performing Arts and Business (They're very different, but very complimenting to one another too in some contexts,) and Germany is no longer where my heart is. I did give it a year to try going there, but it wasn't working out.
I still love everything about it, and I knew I will come there at some point, just not for university now.
Surprise surprise, the 2013 Euro trip from my current uni happened.
Up to tonight, I didn't know how to round up how I feel about Germany, but these past week I've done a lot of work for a German foundation and I thought it's time to share my experience there.
 So, we started off in Stuttgart, visiting my best friend of 12 years, Maisy who studies in Germany. Stuttgart is known for its Mercedes Benz Museum (which honestly is the best museum I've ever visited)
 I decided to wear something very casual, a button up over a white tshirt and jeans.
t-shirt from H&M
Button-Up Shirt from H&M
Jeans from CoolJeans
Boots from DocMarten
Bag from Proenza Schouler
It just so happens that the week we visited was Maisy's birthday week (jokes, I totally planned it.) WE had a very nice barbecue outside, on a very nice sunny morning on October the 19th 2013.
I look very chubby here, I'm not sure why, but I had chosen to wear a very loose t-shirt and a mini-jeans-skirt that's very comfortable.
t-shirt from H&M (Men section)
Skirt from CoolJeans
We then hit up the town for some nice day out and Starbucks beverages (so common-white-girls of us, though we're not really white girls)
 I wore that same jeans that I've been wearing for a month, pairing it up with a knee-length boots, a tank top and Maisy's gorgeous jacket from Zara.
I didn't want to leave Stuttgart, but the journey must go on.
Next was Berlin.
Berlin is an amazing place which I genuinely love like nothing else. Everything about Berlin screams dreamy. There's such a great energy in this city, that keeps me glimmering days after I had left it.
One of the place we just had to visit is the wall (above) and the Brandenburger Tor (below)
 (I just had to get a photo of Starbucks, okay?)
(I also sat there writing postcards to friends and family)
To Brandenburger Tor I wore a simple same jeans, the same boots, and
Enjoy Life Tank-top from H&M
Maroon Cardigan from H&M

After Berlin, we visited a few relatives living in Bonn and Wuppertal.
 Germany will forever hold a special place in my heart. I was very nervous to come, I didn't know what to expect from a place that's been a long life dream of mine. Thankfully I have amazing people in my life, and my companion for the trip, Tanya Claresta and Nazneen. Well, now that I've shared all these, I will most definitely try to go back, hopefully I am able to do so. What's country is your long life dream to visit?
x, Nessie

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  1. Hey, I'm study in Germany. Do yo wanna some Postcard from me ? ;))