Sunday, January 12, 2014

"New Year, New Me" ?

Happy happy new year to you!
It's been a couple week since the beginning of 2014 (yes, I wrote 2013 before rewriting it, force of habit ladies and gentlemen) Yet lately I've been losing the connection I used to have with my blog, which is sort of sad. Now I am one of those who laughs at people posting photos with the hashtag/caption "New Year, New Me" because I personally think that if you don't like anything about yourself, change it right away or don't, you don't need to wait for a whole new year to do so. 

But regardless, New Year just gives such a "Clean Slate" vibes that you should take advantage of. I personally feel like I get to enhance some parts of myself, not make it new, just better. Obviously 2013 was sort of amazing, I got to travel to amazing countries and started a youtube channel and THIS BLOG. Get to interact with a lot of strangers in the internet that keep me motivated to challenge my creativity that was on the edge of disappearance. Details are put onto this video of my 2013 reflection: CLICK HERE

What I'd like to achieve this year would be to travel more, since my country, Indonesia, has got more than 17,000 islands, I'd like to try seeing a little more than just the big cities in Java this year. If I can. I'd like to be more independent and organized, and then of course to continue with my channel and blog, I think that it's a good way to learn about consistency.  I'd like to meet more people and befriend them because I don't have friends. Haha. And I'd like to be more happy this year. I need positivity in my life. 

More like "NEW YEAR, NEW THINGS" am I right? 
I got a couple new things for myself, that Lee Cooper Jeans top, a vintage looking camel top with collar that looks adorable, a reglan tshirt from Esprit, and my best friend, Sarah, got me a shirt that says "Shut the front J'dore" which had me laughing for a good minute and that amazing amazing perfume from Police that's shaped like a Skull. I absolutely love anything skull-ish.
Starbucks decided to give me this out of nowhere, I already have one and see no point in buying two, but hey, who doesn't love free stuff, right? (; I think the barista said that I topped up to a certain amount, therefore I get one of those. Well, I do like my coffee. (:
I have recently finished reading an amazing novel called Divergent and have just bought the sequel, "Insurgent" So I am quite psyched to read it! Divergent's got to be my favorite novel of the year, I was just so hooked on it that I finished it in a few days only. If you're looking for a thrilling read, I'd recommend the book!

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