Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 Wish List

Hello Random Citizen!
I've never done a general wish list on this blog (I did a make up wish list half a year ago.) Since it's still January, sort of, I thought that it's sort of appropriate to make a little wish list. 
These are the things that I'd like to own in 2014 or if not, later in life,
1. Canon D600 Camera
Obviously I use my camera a lot, and as much as I love my 500d, it'd be a little bit easier to make videos with camera with a view finder. This camera is literally no different than mine if it weren't for the view finder. I'm still debating on whether or not I should get one.
2. iPhone 5
Currently my phone is the 4/4s, I don't know the difference, but it's almost 2 years old and it's starting to lag a lot. I've never stuck to one phone for more than 1 year, the reason is because the fast pace of changes in technology is too hard to miss out. I don't know why iPhones have to be so expensive, why can't they be like Nokia.
3. Alexander Wang Black Rocco
OMG, I've wanted this for aaaaaaaages, but it's too damn expensive that I don't feel like I, as a human being that does nothing buy procrastinate, deserve it. It's such a gorgeous bag that I would trade one of my kidneys with. Not really, but you know what I mean.
4. Memory Hard Disk
I create a lot of videos and photos and my laptop is starting to lag because of over saved content I have in it. Thus, it would be very convenient to empty this bad boy so it can run again!
5. Hair-straightener
My hair is as bad as a bat nest most of the time, I need to tame it! I've wanted this for the longest time, but I'm concerned of how damaging it could be. My hair gradually falls like rain already. 
6. (More) Toms Shoes
I want more Toms! That bastard, ever since I own a pair, nothing else ever please me. They treat my feet like queens and I like it. I think the red one is adorable, what do you reckon?
7. White Converse
I used to have a few pairs of converse, I'd like to have them back in my collection, best shoes ever.
8. Nars Duo Blush-Bronzer
I own a little more varieties of makeup than I probably should or need, thus I only have a few things I'd like in this wish-list. This duo is absolutely amazing, my cousin owns one and I fell in love with it.
9. The NAKED Palette
I've already owned the Basic Naked Palette, and have been absolutely loving it. Why does it have to be so expensive though.
10. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
The only reason this isn't allover my whole life is because it's only available in the UK. I've heard such great things about this, it isn't so pricey either. If only it's available in my country. 

What is on your 2014 wish-list?
Let me know, I'll pray we get them all! (:

x, Nessie

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