Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Little Sister does My Make Up

Dearest Readers,
I'm genuinely sorry I've been a complete arse, not writing nor posting anything whatsoever for a month. I have not forgotten about you, or this little diary of mine. Life has been pretty hectic for me, between scrolling down the endless pages of Tumblr during every class I have, to mid-term, to figuring out what videos I shall make for every week. I didn't know how handful this things are. Man, being a child trapped in a grown-up world sucks.

Anyways, although my channel on Youtube is pretty random, I couldn't stay away from Make Up altogether. Every 3rd wednesday of the month, I get to post any beauty related stuff in there! This month I decided to do a tag called My Little Sister does My MakeUp!
I basically asked my little sister, Noreen, to do my make up however she likes! I think that beside not knowing what a "palette" is, she's got a pretty great instinct. I can only imagine how good she'll be at it once she's ready for them! In this video you could also catch a glimpse of some of my favorite make up items spread all over my coffee table!
I chose varieties of products from Lipstick, to Lip Liner, to Eye Shadow, Foundation, Bronzer, Powder, Blush, Highlighter, Concealer, Eye Liner, Mascara and Brushes!
There are a few eye shadow palettes in this video, TBS one that I've shown on my Body Shop favorites, Rimmel London's small (but very pigmented) palette, and my favorite, Naked Basics palette, which I adore so so so much. The colors are perfect, not too powdery and very pigmented. I also got 4 Loreal Color Infallible in the colors Sassy Marshmallow, Burning Black, Pebble Gray, and Metallic Lilac. Though the colors are absolutely amazing, I don't know how I feel about how powdery this product is!
 You might have not seen these couple of lip-liners if I hadn't shown you this picture, but they are Yves Saint Laurent and absolutely amazing! I rarely use them, but it's such a great line, I think that they're quite worth it if you're such a lip-liner girl!
HEY LOOK! these are my babies! I know you're not suppose to have favorites, but the THIRD & FORTH rows from left are my favorites! They're also the high end products, like Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Sheer Candy in number 7, Chanel Rouge Allure 06 Silhouette, MAC Ruby Woo & See Sheer, and Benefit's Lip Gloss!
 I also got some travel size Clinique products like spray, make up remover, and mascara (which is absolutely amazing but sadly isn't waterproof :( ) AND a few other exciting things, if you remembered the wish list I made a few months back, I wanted a Wake Me Up foundation, Rimmel Bronzing Powder and the Stay Matte Powder, I got them all! YEAY! They're absolutely amazing, I just wish Rimmel would invest a little on packaging, because their products are fantastic, but the packagings aren't so!
My friend Tanya got me the triple tints from Benefit, I have been loving Sun Beam so much, it's just such a nice highlighter, makes my tan skin look very bright and goddess-like. Whilst in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, I got myself that brown mascara from Benefit. I didn't know that by using brown, your eyelashes look a lot more thin and natural. It gives like an after-cry effect, which I really like! 
I have stopped using foundation everyday because I don't want to ruin my skin, so instead, I got a CC Cream from MaxFactor, I think that it works very well and it's very light for college, everyday use.
BELOW IS NOREEN'S LOOK CALLED "Monster Barbie." GO figure why it's called that ;) 

While Noreen is very talented at using amazing products and still turning me looking like poo, I took the opportunity for a revenge and made that angel mouse even prettier (staying away from eyeliner and mascara because I don't want to hurt them big eyes.)
Right is how she turned out! How gorgeous?

Anyways, please watch the video if you'd like, comment and let me know what's your MUST TRY of the month! I love knowing people's favorite products and giving them a try!

x, Nessie

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  1. I see you've got rimmel wake me up foundation! It's AMAZING. I love it!♥