Saturday, October 19, 2013

Paris Je T'aime

Dear Friend:
It's quite early here in Paris, but I've decided to write and let you know that I am well, and hope you are enjoying the same great blessing. 
Paris is a city like no other, I've now seen, touched, felt, breathed the majestic air that's been glorified by so many of the fairest before. As a child, I could only dream that one day I'd be able to see the magical tower with my own eyes, how big it is, how tall, where is it placed, how far can you see it from and whether or not it is touchable. Boy was I wrong, Paris is not only just about a beautiful tower placed in the middle of the city. 
Paris is filled with poise, class and culture. The air that you breathe in does not feel the same, they're richer, valuable and fulfilling, as if it's your undying gratitude to be able to take them inside your system for a short-while. It's almost like there's a border between what people would recognize as a famous land-mark for tourists and this vivid dimension where people like me, got carried away by this dream-like ambiance that surrounds this city. I enjoyed almost every millisecond that I've spent here, from walking inside the famous Notre-Dame Church, eating Sandwiches and Croissant in small restaurants, sitting under the Eiffel Tower for 5 hours, watching a ceremony in Arc De Triomphe, shopping and strolling down the Avenue des Champ Elysees, running around Louvre in the rain, visiting Grand Mosque of Paris and spending nights walking around in the cold, trying to get the most out of Paris for the short period of time that I am here for. I love this place and I'll be back one day.
Lace Black Top - GinaTricot
Dark Blue Jeggings - CoolJeans
Mocca Coloured Jacket - H&M
Boots - DocMarten
Sunnies - H&M
Bag - Proenza Schouler
 I've only got a little more time before leaving, I'm sure you'd love this place as well if you ever visited. If you have, tell me I'm right and which part of Paris was your favorite. 
From Paris with Love,


  1. Greaat post, Paris is definitely a to- do on my bucket list. Glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. I like your brown trench coat!!! :D, you look lovely and nice make up ;)

  3. love your sunnies! :*

  4. Oh how I wish I could write like you do! What a beautiful post.