Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh Venice..

 Dearest Readers, I've been so overwhelmed lately that at times I'd take a deep breath and take a moment off of this rather realistic world and gallop into this other dimension that allows me to reconnect with my mind and heart. Browsing through my photos tonight, I realized that Venice is kind of a big deal. At that moment, all I knew was that I had a train to catch, apparently taking me to another world-famous landmark that I've seen in a lot of movies that I wasn't able to recall. It all happens very fast, next thing I knew, I was in Venice, going from one alley to another, looking for souvenirs like normal tourists would and taking bunch of photos for my mum who'd love to go. I didn't even have that time to stop and go, "Man, I'm in VENICE.." and I regret that deeply. Venice wasn't as impressive in my memory, but looking back, I knew I didn't bring along some part of myself that would be highly impressed by that place, it was wonderful.
My favorite place in Venice was this book store that claims to be "The Best Bookstore in the World" which I almost agreed with (I didn't spot any Harry Potters in there, sorry.) It's an old store that has bunch of books nobody would probably read anymore. There's no price tags on them, I wasn't sure they were for sale. You can't look for any book specifically, but you can find them, the same way people meet their true love, unplanned. The owner is an old man, greeting everybody who comes in, showing them a 3D painting he has on his right, and an exit in which people can find a staircase made of books. My favorite thing about the store is this place in the back that looks like an entrance but there's only river in front of the door, which means at some point in the past people would have to be on a boat in order to visit and buy themselves a book. I also love the fact that it's so messy, the lovely old man wouldn't know if someone has brought home one of his books as a souvenir. I didn't buy any of the books because nearly all of them are in Italian and I can assure you there's no space left in my luggage for a book, I did get a few lovely postcards that I highly adore. 
 "What are you doing in Italy if you're not eating at least one gellato ice cream a day?" is the quote-to-live-by here right? or not?
 this is me, looking pretty homeless after a full day out in Venice, 
 Black T-Shirt - H&M
Mocca Jacket - H&M
Dark Blue Jeggings - CoolJeans
Boots - Caprice
Orange Checkered Bag - H&M
Batik Bag in the back - Indonesia
Venice, thank you for the gorgeous day I forgot to be thankful about.
 It was honestly and utterly wonderful. 
x, Nessie

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  1. I've never been in Venice, but my sister has. And from hearing her stories and seeing your pictures I know it is one of the most beautiful cities. I love that picture of you standing in that book store. Books everywhere! It must have been a wonderful trip!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie