Thursday, October 3, 2013

Madam Tussauds!

Well hello there everyone! I have travelled from the faraway land of Oulu to the (slightly warmer) land of Amsterdam! We arrived on Tuesday, very late at night, and my body feels like it's just going to mutilate itself. After a few hours of sleep, we woke up and was ready to start our day in this majestic land. Sandih, my cousin, was free for the day to go with us around (he's a fancy flight attendance.) So, Tanya, Neen, San and I went to the world-famous Madam Tussauds. This should be surprising that I had never visited any of the Madam Tussauds before.
If you're like me, hadn't been to Madam Tussauds before, it's basically a wax museum, (I should probably stop describing it as I'm sure everyone's been there and I'm making a fool of myself) and I had a bit too much fun with all the creepy famous-human-like figures. Oh, did I say that there's a lot of Celebrities just hanging around the wax museum? YEAH, it was THAT famous I guess, here are some of the photos of me taken with them:

here's one of George and I having a cup of coffee while watching a street performer dance. 
(Mr Clooney's not impressed, said he could do better at them splits)
 Here's Justin, kind of mad at the Paparazzi who asked him about *NSYNC (and me getting excited about it too)
 Self explanatory. 
The newest Bond Girl:
 tell me this is not the creepiest thing.
 Selfie with Ronaldinho. 
 I respect Victoria but DAMN.
 Spidey, Save ME!
this is my sister and I on top of Amsterdam's busiest center:
I also went to the Amsterdam Dungeon, 
there were no cameras allowed, but it's such an awesome place! It was very interesting to see theater, history, horror and comedy come together. It's not like gutted scary, more like thrilling. I was very impressed. I loved it, if you were to come to Amsterdam, this is one thing you wouldn't want to miss!
There will be more of Amsterdam coming your way, I will be right on it!
If you live in Amsterdam or have been here, where do you think I should go?

x, Nessie


  1. Welcome to Holland! Hope you will enjoy your stay :) Seems like you had a lot of fun in MT :) You should check out the 'Rijksmuseum', it is full of art from the greatest artists.

    xo Mel
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  3. WOW so jealous! And man Beckham looks goooodd!!!! Ahahaha

    Emma xox

  4. Lovely photos. Great post xx

  5. oh my gosh, i was going to go there once, but it was a rainy day and the guy said the quew was 5 hours! :O damn. So we didn't go :( glad you enjoyed it though!