Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You're Gonna Hear Me Roar!

 I'm sure by now you've all known the melody to that particular song. 
Sitting at around midnight alone in the kitchen, I found myself humming to Katy Perry's Roar. See, I've always liked Ms. Perry, since I first heard "U R Gay" a few years ago in the middle of music class in high school, through the times my dad scolded me for singing "I wanna see your peacock" all day, and had my eyes bawled in front of my laptop when "Thinking of You"'s video came out.
I personally like her personality (though I don't even know her) and who can deny her talent?  
Anyways, I decided to cover another amazing hit by Katy Perry and then as I went for a run with my sister and Tanya, I thought I'd make a little video for the cover I had done a few hours earlier. 
I shivered as I exported this, I'm not sure I was ready to upload a video of me singing again. I've always loved singing, I've done countless performances throughout my school years, but I haven't done one in so long that it made me really really nervous. I've taken the time to edit, and my friend's time to film, so it's only fair to just put it out there already. As if my nervousness wasn't enough, I tried uploading this 15 times but still, the video, that looks absolutely HD and clear on my screen, decided to turn to crap on youtube's 360p resolution. If you ever decided to see it, please move it up to 720p, it looks slightly better.
Tiger Ear Band from Unknown
Bring Me Luck Tank from H&M
Track Suit from Surfer Girl
Dark Blue Jeggings from CoolJeans
It was nonetheless a beautiful, beautiful day and Oulu has once again gave me a wonderful space to drop my jaw in amazement. It was almost like a dream; the lake, the falling orange and pink leaves, the sun, everything was perfect. I hope you, too, are having a perfect day!

x, Nessie

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  1. Wonderful post! Loving the first picture!

    Xo, Michelle