Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rimmel & Sally Hansen Nail Polishes Review

See, they don't have Rimmel in Indonesia (at least I think they don't..whoops) and I've seen some great reviews of their Professional Finish nail polish that claims to be able to hold their shit together for up to 10 days. I felt somewhat challenged hearing so, I have honestly ruined every nail polish I ever put on my nails during at least the first 4 hours. 
So I picked up two of these adorable candy colors, the greenish blue is called "500 Peppermint" and the adorable pink is called "297 Show Off." They were about 6 Euros each. 
A few months ago (or more) I remember this one phase when everybody was so much into nail art and some other magical nail tricks like cracks and magnet. I've always wanted to try to feel the magnetic force upon my nails, so I also took this Sally Hansen magnetic polish "907 Electric Emerald" to the cashier and paid for it (duh.) Oh, I believe you can get this in Indonesia (:
I absolutely love the color of the Sally Hansen polish, though, I'm not sure that I like it as much after I magnetized it. It makes me a little dizzy just looking at it, the patterns and visual reminds me of a 3D Snake, is that weird?. One thing about Sally Hansen that I've always liked is the quality of their nail polishes. I find them to be very firm and easy to put on and to dry. The finished texture is always very smooth compared to cheaper nail polishes like The Face Shop's, which I have LOTS of, but was never satisfied by.
As you can see, my hands are very tan, perhaps it's because they're the one part of my body that I never cover no matter how cold Oulu has gotten. Bright colors can be a big "No-NO!" to some of you with darker skin tone like mine, but really, I feel like sometimes you just have to be bold and choose the colors that not only look good on you, but also ones that make you happy. I really like these Rimmel colors. Although they don't appear to be as strong as the Sally Hansen one, I will still see how long it takes till it's ruined and whether or not they live up to their promises, and whether or not any of these will be in my "Best Purchase of the Month!" (:

x, Nessie