Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Nail Polish! (Rimmel's I ♥ Lasting Finish)

So, I've been very disrespectful to my wallet and accidentally got a few more things that I probably don't need. I actually need to consider going to those shoppaholic meetings. Huff.
Anyways, RIMMEL'S I LOVE LASTING FINISH was on sale 2 for 3, so I got these pretty colors. In terms of colours, I actually thought that the two colours seemed similar at first, but they only had these three colours so I just took em all. They are actually quite different when you put them on, no. 026-Hot Chick is a lot pinker and darker, while no. 271-High Energy is more like orangey-pinkish color, very fresh. No. 046-Shout Out Loud is a dark green polish that I've never had before. I actually had this green one on for a week and it matches my boring everyday autumn clothes.I personally wouldn't call this "Lasting Finish" if I were Rimmel. The green one that I had on chipped after only a few good days. Its lasting power is nothing close to the previous Rimmel Polish that I had purchased. I guess that's kinda why they're a lot cheaper. If you put base coat and topcoat maybe they would last a bit longer though! 
 I had on the High Energy one today and I couldn't bare erasing it, so I asked my friend, (the lovely) Tanya to model them for the swatch below. (Thanks Tanya!)
If you ever tried Rimmel's nail polish, do let me know which one you think is best out of all their nail products! 

x, Nessie

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