Sunday, September 8, 2013

Biggest Kebab Ever!

 A few of my friends have commented on all the foodgasm photos I've posted on several social medias that everything in Finland seems bigger than the rest of the planet. Haha, they have not seen how small Oulu is. But the food here are indeed massive in size but most are so worth it. Take this amazing amazing kebab for an example, I could've sworn I've never had any better Kebab in my life. My friends and I have gone here twice now, and we saved up to come again since a week ago. Although the guy who owns the restaurant is Turkish, this still makes me really want to go to Turkey and try like an authentic Turkish Kebab. Yum.
 I also went to H&M and got a really nice blue knitted top and a few other things!
I had on my usual CoolJeans Jeggings with my Caprice Boots, Sparkle & Fade Top and a long H&M Cardigan that I really like because it gives your curvy body shape and that longer look.
I had a terrible headache that I skipped make up, any hair enhancements and just grabbed my Gold Watch from Guess to accessorize my appearance a little bit.
Tyo is always always always on his phone 24/7 *judging look*

x, Nessie

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