Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 I might have picked up more things for my lips earlier this week than I should. Eep. I just can't help it okay, these products are my lips' bestfriend at the moment!
1. Maybelline ColorSensational 
    No. 475, Coral Diamonds
Look at how the packaging dazzles like a pink disco ball! So pretty! This product contains sort of the fresh orange-red color that's shockingly pretty moist on the lips. I really like how the color shows up, they make lips look fresh and moisturized.
2. MaxFactor Colour Elixir
    No. 740, Pashmina
I really really like the packaging of this product, it's gold and it looks really sophisticated and pricey (look it up, I haven't got any clear pic of it.) The color I've chosen is quite neutral, like nude with a little bit of shimmer. I find this really handy to put on in the morning before going to class, it's just one of those color that looks easy and effortlessly gorgeous.
3. H&M Mini Lipstick (+ Chain?)
I didn't take this product seriously when I got it, I just thought that it's quite hilarious to have an actual lipstick as a chain (it was only 2 Euros or so.) I then tried it after buying it and found it extremely shocking. The pigmentation is strong and subtle, it doesn't dry your lips and it's such a gorgeous color. The magenta color is quite matte and long-lasting, it's just really pretty, nothing I had expected.

BUT, my lips' ultimate favorite for this set of purchase has got to be the Limited Edition Vaseline; Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy! Whoa, mouth full! Honestly, I haven't been able to stop buttering my lips with it since I got it. The Champagne smell is such a delight, it's soft and it moisturizes really really well, I'd say slightly better than Body Shop Lip Butter. I can't even tell you how adorable the packaging looks, the moment I spot it, I'm sold. 
Unfortunately this product is yet to be available for my fellow Indonesian.
These are what I've been loving so far in September!

What's your lips' bestie at the moment? (:

x, Nessie


  1. nice post!!!


  2. I love all the products you've got here but the h&m stuff is some of my favorites! You wouldn't think it but they have some great stuff in there!


  3. Vaseline is my life savior <3 nice post!

    xo Mel

  4. I need to buy that Vaseline jelly cause my lips tend to feel too dry ! Great post =)

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  5. vaseline is a miracle worker!


  6. The lipstick on a keychain is a great idea to keep your lipstick handy! :)

    Away From The Blue

  7. i love those vaseline tins, they are so cute! I hate dipping my finger into a pot tho

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion