Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bath Time for My Babies!

 Supposedly, you need to clean your brushes once a week, please let me know if I'm not the only one who doesn't get excited to clean their brushes, at all! I am way too lazy and busy to do it weekly, so instead, I do them once in two weeks! If you are one of those people who has full make up on every single day, then I recommend you to do this ritual weekly, but if you're like me, who still hangs on with light coverage and basic make up, I'm pretty sure we'll get by just alright with washing our brushes once in two/three weeks! 
Anyways, I'm here to give some tips on how you shall bathe your babies!
1. Get your self a small bowl filled with warm water. Make sure the water isn't too hot as it may harm your baby. I personally use my Body Shop's Shower Gel to wash my brush as it leaves them really soft and fresh afterwards. I have heard that baby shampoos and a few Dove products are also good choices to clean your brush with! 
2. Pour just enough amount of gel into your water, you'll know whether it's enough or not once you stir them together in step 3.
3. Get the soap and water to mix and see whether they're slimy enough on your fingers. (You don't want the full on guey and thick potion, they should be just enough to make your fingers slimy)
4. Sway the head of your brush in circular motion but do not let the water touch the aluminum part of your brush for it's common knowledge to know what happens to wet aluminum after a while. 
5. One thing that people usually do when they're done with their brushes is to let them stand and dry. This is actually very damaging, because the water that sits on the brush's head would later drip down to the roots and mess with the glue that holds everything together. You then wouldn't be able to keep your brush for a long time. So instead, get a towel and rinse all the brushes. 
6. Let your babies lay naked out there until the wind dries them naturally. (;

SO, to wrap up, never let the water drip on the aluminum part of your brush and roots, rinse and let them dry naturally and do this at least once in 2-3 weeks! This is the Real Techniques - Samantha Chapman Core Collection Brush by the way. Since I'm currently traveling, I find it easy to just bring this, because almost everything is included in this collection! I love it! Better reviews on them later, maybe! For now, I hope you're happy I've shared how I clean my brushes! Let me know if there's more tips on how to do them! 

x, Nessie


  1. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :) It's nice to visit yours too.

    I usually clean my brush with PAC brush cleanser. It's a local brand though, but it's really good. It will leave baby powder smell on my brush and it does its job (which is cleansing) nicely.


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