Thursday, September 12, 2013

10 'The Body Shop' Products

Yes, I have been overly consumed by my love for TBS, I honestly didn't think I brought this much products, just got a little shiver, yes, I have more back home. I have liked TBS since forever though, I remember being 13 and all I wanted was the Vanilla scented Body Mist (which disappeared for ages and came back recently, I instantly got two incase they decided to discontinue it again..haha.) I feel very comfortable knowing, when I use these products, that no animals were harmed in the making of them. 
These are the products I just need to have by my side while traveling and adjusting to new surrounding(s).
I absolutely adore this product, but I can safely say I have never tried brushing any other parts of my body other than my face with this. I won't be surprised if people actually do though, it is so soft and I have never seen any hair come off, it's very strong, I've had it for more than a year and it still looks like the first time I got it. I love it. 
I have recently included this product on My Everyday Makeup post, oh oh, I just went to the web and this is apparently a best seller. I don't normally like TBS' make up that much, but I can say that this product is really good to cover blemishes. I don't use it everyday just when I feel like I need extra coverage. It is foundation + powder, so if you don't have much time to apply the two products separately, this is a good way to have a firm base before your other glitters. (:
This unlimited edition palette comes in two version, for darker smoky eyes and lighter one for those who would like to try experiencing with smoky eyes but not so confident with thick bold black eyes. I got the darker because I've been using black eyeliner & shadow since I was 12 (don't copy, my emo days were very....confusing :P ), I feel quite comfortable having bold eyes. I like this palette because they're very firm and long-lasting, it also comes with two brushes that helps a lot when you're doing a proper smoky eye look.
I honestly am having a little seizure as I can't find this product on the website. NOOOO! This is my ultimate favorite scent from The Body Shop. I have about two more stocked up in my bathroom and I have the body butter swell (which I didn't bring along because it's not as flexible as the Vanilla Duo.) But seriously though, this scent is amazing, it's really fruity and fresh, I often shower before bed and nothing's better than the mixture of this and hot shower before bed!
Yes, I brought two of these, it's very dehydrating, especially if your skin, like mine, gets really dry when you don't moisturize. It's also really easy to get absorbed. Get that this product will show its magical power not instantly, keep using it and you'll get addicted like me. Haha. Oh and it smells like babies! I love it!
This is the one thing I regret buying. I just can't work with this, I did bring it along by accident, it was just sitting in my makeup bag untouched all the time. It easily broke (if you can see it, the tip of it is broken on the photo above) and it has no lasting power at all. I got the silvery-gold color too which is just as weak, but that one is better as I could use it as a base or just added shimmer. Overall, I just really don't like it. Maybe it works for some people though, just not me. 
This my tiny little magical hair-brush! it's now on sale for $3.75!! It's very compact, small and flexible, easy to clean and looks really expensive. I've had it for years and I really really like it. 
I just got this bath puff while buying my shower gel, just thought they're all the same, but my friend pointed out that they're not? She claims that TBS bath puff is the best because they're softer and stronger than others. I trust you, Tanya.
My second favorite scent from TBS is Vanilla. I like how this body butter moisturizes, and it's very flexible, as our different body parts may not be evenly dried or moist, sometimes you need different creams for different parts. I find it easier to just bring this instead. 
Last but never will be least! This is a must for me to carry around. See, I very rarely get any zit or pimples but I sometimes get them if I ate anything hormonal or if I spend a long time in the city, by all the pollution. Then, this is my ultimate best friend, it hurts a little, but you'll go to bed and see your zit has disappeared the next day! I FULLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT! especially if you easily get zit or pimples. (:
Favorite Products! Tea-tree oil & Passion Fruit Shower Gel
I didn't bring any body mist from TBS because of their glass container that's heavy and fragile. :(
I have two though, vanilla & strawberry, both very fresh though doesn't last very long.
That's all I've got to share today, hope you like it, please do tell what's your favorite Body Shop product! I'd love to know! 

till later, 
x, Nessie


  1. Love this post, the face and body brush is amazing! Now following on bloglovin' :) x

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  2. I think I need to invest in that vanilla body butter! Ahh!

  3. I must invest in some of that Vitamin E Moisture Cream! Not only is my skin extremely dry from the ridiculous windy weather in the southern hemisphere, my skin has also been experiencing some terrible scarring. The Vitamin E sounds like a well loved added bonus towards the moisturising cream. I need to get myself some fast!

    emaerie | blogspot