Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome to Hel.

 "Welcome to Hel." is literally the first sign I saw when we first landed
We arrived in Helsinki about 12 p.m Finnish time. I was exhausted beyond words, I can only chuckled when Tanya told me jokingly that I have raccoon eyes, which I totally did. I still had the same black shirt, jeans and Doc Marten I had worn all the way from Jakarta. Everything just felt really lousy. I sat by the breakfast bar to capture some sun-rays, my equator-made skin demands some Sun Power to feel back alive.
Anyways, instantly I noticed how here, in Finland, nobody smiles when they catch eye contacts with other things, haha, that's the only way I can explain how friendly people back home are. I'm sure they're nice people, it's just not a usual thing to smile to each other for no reasons.

The trip itself. from Singapore to Helsinki was hell. We reserved seats close to the bathroom in the penultimate row, turns out since the stewardesses aren't allowed to sleep, they made sure that they share their pain with some of us. Being extremely noisy, we could only sleep at most for three hours. Let's not even mention the fact that trying to sleep in a tiny seat is the most awkward thing ever. Finding position is hilariously difficult and frustrating.
Myself and I had a good laugh while watching people sleeping with funny positions on my midnight stroll to the bathroom (and maybe all around the plane.)
I'll have a blog up soon (i hope) of my terrible journey. (:

x, Nessie

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