Friday, August 30, 2013

Internships & Outfits

(I'm absolutely in love with this flower headband from H&M but idk if they're worth the price.)
My friends and I's main task in Oulu is to work as interns for a few companies. It's really exciting to jump into the real business world. Although I'm having a really hard time waking my interest for most of the tasks they've given me, I'm still pretty excited. 
The coolest thing here is that, I swear most working people wear more casual things that most business university students in Jakarta! That allows me to pack light for the stay. My daily 'go to's would be jeans, tank/shirt + cardigan, my TopShop black working satchel & my loyal black Doc Marten. I just style my hair differently everyday to look appealing. (HA. Doesn't work though, I'm always a mess.)
Today I had on:
Black Tank Top you can get everywhere
Cardigan from H&M
Black Leather Bag from TopShop
Dark Blue Jeggings from CoolJeans
 burnt my index finger by accidentally touching a hot pan, :( excuse the disgusting scar.
That empty space in the left corner is where my pink water bottle goes, Neen was drinking from it when I took this!
If you'd like, let me know what you'd wear to internship(s)! 

x, Nessie


  1. Love the floral crown! Some of them can be ridiculousy overpriced! xx

    1. I agree! They were the same price as a knitted top I recently got from H&M too!
      I really really like flower crowns though!!