Friday, August 30, 2013

Empty Museum

It was pretty strange, Tanya (one of my friends) went on the web, while at work today, only to find that  there's an art museum literally in front of the place we're working in. We've been looking for a museum to visit for days! I guess the odds were in our favor, as it's friday and the museum's only free on friday! 
I mean, I know right?!
Anyways, there were pretty cool things in the museum! There's also this wall that we can put our artwork (collages of sort) that we'd make on the spot (all the materials & equipments are provided.) There were themes that we get to choose, I chose to do something about the story of my life, I wrote about having to let go of Performing Arts School to go to Business School, but sure I'll never give up on my dreams, and nobody should either. (:

These below are a few of my favorite paintings/art work displayed in the museum:
Headband from a local store with a name I can't remember :/
Maroon Shirt from Hollister Co.
Dark Blue Jeans from CoolJeans
Black Boots from Dr.Martens
Leather Jacket from RoseBullet
YES! Those are duckies! and the dirts are in fact autumn leaves, not trash for sure (:
I loved the museum visit, absolutely wonderful to see people's creativity flowing right out of their hands! I loved it!
x, Nessie

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