Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Downtown Oulu

Downtown Oulu is where a little shred of city-life can actually be felt. Despite being human-less, Oulu has at least one lovely place in the centre where groups of teenagers and other kinds of creatures can chill and go shopping for a bit. My friends and I, of course, aren't really having none of that due to our uptight schedule *winks. On the second day, our landlord took us downtown to show us around and ate the BIGGEST PIZZA EVER (which came in my mouth and came out the same way just in liquid form. yuck.) Then my friends and I took the opportunity of an empty monday to revisit it for fun.
I really like Downtown. There are old buildings that really attract me, they're just simply pretty and full of perspectives. Sadly, I didn't take my DSLR with me on the trip, I had to utilize my skill(szsz) on my little vlogging Canon IXUS. It was a lovely day. I saw the sun, so it's all okay.
They have a lot of shops I can't really afford without the validation of my local bank account, but I enjoy looking at developing fashion statements and trends. 

As to what I was wearing, I wore my 
Doc Marten black boots, 
Dark Blue Jegging by CoolJeans
"When Words Fail, Music Speaks" tee by Coconut Island
Zara Leather Jacket

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