Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blooming Saturday

Honestly, how stunning are these purple flowers? I was absolutely charmed. Saturday by our flat is quite flat, if you know what I mean. The boys wake up at noon, after I had gotten the opportunity to run and get some groceries in the morning. 
In all honesty, even back home, I despise staying home in the weekend. I believe that resting doesn't always mean staying in bed all day, it means going out freely with nothing much to worry about. I insisted to go out with the girls, so we went around the city and had such a lovely day!
Oulu, Finland doesn't have too much things or places to visit, but we checked out the church for Tanya today, someone was getting married, it was pretty cool, but we couldn't go inside due to the occasion. So, we went to Subway instead, saw a few other lovely spots, watched the sunset and went back when it was getting dark. I loved it.
Stripes Shirt my dad got me from Thailand
Jeans Jacket from H&M 
Dark Blue Jeggings from CoolJeans
Boots from Caprice
 Although it was really cold today, I'm glad I insisted to go out, I'm sure the others feel the same. Time goes on, I often lay awake late at night on my bed and wish I was at the same place I was the day before. I've learned that moments are meant to be cherished, life's too short to regret everything. 
  “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -Mahatma Gandhi
x, Nessie


  1. Love the layout of your blog! Simple and gorgeous! :)

    1. Thank You Love <3
      I love yours too! really cute! x

  2. Hi! You look so pretty! You're posts are really good! :)