Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blooming Saturday

Honestly, how stunning are these purple flowers? I was absolutely charmed. Saturday by our flat is quite flat, if you know what I mean. The boys wake up at noon, after I had gotten the opportunity to run and get some groceries in the morning. 
In all honesty, even back home, I despise staying home in the weekend. I believe that resting doesn't always mean staying in bed all day, it means going out freely with nothing much to worry about. I insisted to go out with the girls, so we went around the city and had such a lovely day!
Oulu, Finland doesn't have too much things or places to visit, but we checked out the church for Tanya today, someone was getting married, it was pretty cool, but we couldn't go inside due to the occasion. So, we went to Subway instead, saw a few other lovely spots, watched the sunset and went back when it was getting dark. I loved it.
Stripes Shirt my dad got me from Thailand
Jeans Jacket from H&M 
Dark Blue Jeggings from CoolJeans
Boots from Caprice
 Although it was really cold today, I'm glad I insisted to go out, I'm sure the others feel the same. Time goes on, I often lay awake late at night on my bed and wish I was at the same place I was the day before. I've learned that moments are meant to be cherished, life's too short to regret everything. 
  “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -Mahatma Gandhi
x, Nessie

Friday, August 30, 2013

Empty Museum

It was pretty strange, Tanya (one of my friends) went on the web, while at work today, only to find that  there's an art museum literally in front of the place we're working in. We've been looking for a museum to visit for days! I guess the odds were in our favor, as it's friday and the museum's only free on friday! 
I mean, I know right?!
Anyways, there were pretty cool things in the museum! There's also this wall that we can put our artwork (collages of sort) that we'd make on the spot (all the materials & equipments are provided.) There were themes that we get to choose, I chose to do something about the story of my life, I wrote about having to let go of Performing Arts School to go to Business School, but sure I'll never give up on my dreams, and nobody should either. (:

These below are a few of my favorite paintings/art work displayed in the museum:
Headband from a local store with a name I can't remember :/
Maroon Shirt from Hollister Co.
Dark Blue Jeans from CoolJeans
Black Boots from Dr.Martens
Leather Jacket from RoseBullet
YES! Those are duckies! and the dirts are in fact autumn leaves, not trash for sure (:
I loved the museum visit, absolutely wonderful to see people's creativity flowing right out of their hands! I loved it!
x, Nessie

Internships & Outfits

(I'm absolutely in love with this flower headband from H&M but idk if they're worth the price.)
My friends and I's main task in Oulu is to work as interns for a few companies. It's really exciting to jump into the real business world. Although I'm having a really hard time waking my interest for most of the tasks they've given me, I'm still pretty excited. 
The coolest thing here is that, I swear most working people wear more casual things that most business university students in Jakarta! That allows me to pack light for the stay. My daily 'go to's would be jeans, tank/shirt + cardigan, my TopShop black working satchel & my loyal black Doc Marten. I just style my hair differently everyday to look appealing. (HA. Doesn't work though, I'm always a mess.)
Today I had on:
Black Tank Top you can get everywhere
Cardigan from H&M
Black Leather Bag from TopShop
Dark Blue Jeggings from CoolJeans
 burnt my index finger by accidentally touching a hot pan, :( excuse the disgusting scar.
That empty space in the left corner is where my pink water bottle goes, Neen was drinking from it when I took this!
If you'd like, let me know what you'd wear to internship(s)! 

x, Nessie

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Inside My Everyday Make-Up Pouch

Having to pick your absolute favorite make up when you're leaving home for 3 months is not an easy task to do. Beside picking the ones you can't live without, you also have to think of whether or not they fit, how heavy they are, how useful they would be, how fragile their packagings are andwhether or not they are pressure resistant.
1. Max Factor 'Ageless Elixir' 2 in 1 Foundation+Serum
I used to never ever put foundation on my face, I couldn't care less about how my skin evens. But I once came across this and instantly loved it. It's really light and it smells really really good. It has serum in it, which means I don't really need extra moisturizer as it moisturizes my skin as well. Note that this foundation is great, but it doesn't do full coverage like the MUFE HD/ Chanel Perfection Lumière. The reason I carry this around when I travel is because of its plastic packaging that's light and not at all fragile.  
2. The Body Shop 'All in One Face Base'
I don't use this all the time, just when I feel like I need extra coverage. I'd take my TBS Face&Body Brush and brush my face with this powder+foundation very lightly. Make sure you get the right color if you're getting this, my skin easily changes color and when the powder does not match my skin, I would look like a pale zombie or one scary looking clown.
3. The Body Shop 'Vitamin E Moisture Cream'
There's a reason as to why this is a best seller. I absolutely love this. I stack at least 4 at home incase I ever run out. I really like this because it smells like the cream I used to wear as a child, it hydrates my skin so so well, it's also very light and easily absorbed by the skin and most importantly, it's got the Vit-E that makes my skin looks and feels almost magical. (:
4. The Body Shop Mini Hairbrush
I like the design of this brush, with the bamboo handle and black cushion that's not easily dirtied. It's also very convenient as it fits inside my make-up pouch
5. (I assume this is) Victoria's Secret(?) Mini Fragrance
I stole this from my mum, I never knew what it really is but it smells very elegant, musky with a hint of floral and spice? I'm not the best at describing scent honestly. 
6. Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boots Mascara
I like this mascara a lot. I've experimented too much with mascara that resulted in me absolutely despising that yellow Maybelline Magnum. I hated it, it made my eye lashes fell out and it's really hard to come off. Express Turbo Boots is very light and easy to apply and rinse yet it's also waterproof, I really like to brush too, it's got the anti-clump brush that easily helps you achieve the lash-look you're going for.
7. MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick
This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE lipstick. I don't use it too often, but every time I've got a chance to, I would definitely use it. The color is gorgeous and it gives such a vintage look that I haven't found in any other brands. I've tried so many other brands and most make me look very old and mommy-like. 
8. Nivea Vitamin Shake Cranberry-Raspberry
This SPF 16 lip care smells almost too delicious to be true. I really like how it hydrates my lips and leaving them feel and look healthy. This and Maybelline Baby Lips are my lips' daily dose of guidance and pleasure. I find them very useful and practical, especially when you have long flights or exposed to new environment(s) with different weather. 
9. Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Hand Sanitizer (Midnight Pomegranate)
I take this everywhere with me because it smells absolutely amazing and I like knowing that my hands aren't dirty, especially in public places and while traveling. I used to have one with cake scent, it smelled really delicious, but I finished that.
watch this video to see what I normally use with a background song. lol.

I do have an extra make up pouch stuffed inside my suit case, in case I need to go to any event that requires full eye-make-up, blusher and all that. But these are my day to day make up that I count on. 
Let me know what alternatives you have or what's absolutely better than all that I have right now!

x, Nessie

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday with Wild Rose?

if you don't know, my name means "White/Wild Rose"
The most delish Ice Cream I've had in a long time! It was 1.5 Euro which is so worth it!

"Out to Play" Shirt from Coconut Island
Grey Cardigan from h&m
Light Blue Jeans from CoolJeans
Leather Jacket from Zara
Boots from Caprice
Oulu, Finland, August 25th, 2013

Greetings from Finland, my friend, 
I hope you're well and healthy.

Today my friends and I went to the city because we don't want to spend our sunday the same as our saturday; staying indoor on a beautiful weekend.
The temperature today was lovely, it was only 18 degrees Celsius. Although everyone was prepped with jackets, we didn't really have to use them. 
There were a lot of roses in the middle of the town today, I wasn't sure of the occasion but I am just so extremely happy all the time when I'm surrounded by roses. 
All in all, it was a nice day. 
I hope you had one too.

x, Nessie 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Air Guitar World Championships 2013

"The purpose of the Air Guitar World Championships is to promote world peace. According to the ideology of the Air Guitar, wars would end, climate change stop and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar. This is why the whole universe is invited to play the Air Guitar for the world peace at the end of the competition."

This event was pure madness. I was excited from the first bit, I just like ideologies, theories and things that levitate people's imagination. The bellwether of this event figured that you can't be holding guns when you're holding an air guitar. I (umm..kinda) agreed. 
The most amazing thing is that this event shows you how strong an idea could be. An idea can change the minds of people to kill others of the same species, but an idea can also gather up thousands of people to watch other people wearing strange costume and pretend like they're playing invisible guitars.
Congratulation to Mean Merlin from USA for winning the title this year!
I filmed the day and composed it as a vlog if you'd be interested in seeing that,
watch it here: 

x, Nessie

Saturday, August 24, 2013

MakeUp Wishlist! ♥

You may not know this, but I'm a cosmetics enthusiast.
These are the items that I'd be very happy to see inside my cosmetic box at the moment!

1. Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation
My cousin, Tasya Tania Judge used my face as a canvas and buttered it with this foundation and it looks and felt a bit too amazing. I really like how light it is and the coverage it presents. This honestly is the best foundation that I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot.
2. Rimmel Natural Bronzer
I honestly have not seen any Rimmel Product in person until I came to  Finland. I really like how it looks, and based on other people's review, it seems like this bronzer is worth a try. I haven't buy it due to the money limitation that I have here (my bank account's debit card doesn't do me well here) and I can't waste the cash my parents have given me to survive here.
3. Nars Bronzing Powder (Laguna)
This gets really great reviews, the price itself does not lie. Being Indonesian means that my skin changes color depending on how often I get exposed to the sun daily (I literally get visible tan lines after 10 minutes under the sun.) That's why I need bronzer to give that natural look after super pale foundation.
4. Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Okay, I've wanted this for ages, I just recently found out that Benefit has a counter in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. I regret not making a short trip there before I left. Tasya also put this on me and I really liked it, it does not make your eyelashes stick together and they're very light (unlike Magnum. I hate Maybelline's Magnum.)
5. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
This powder has a lot of fans. Even my roommate Tanya can't stop jabbering about how she wants this ever since we get to Oulu. I guess it should be magical to give people such energy to try purchasing it. Besides, who doesn't want to stay matte? ;)
6. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
I never realized how beneficial concealers are until recently. I really want this but I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I'll keep on trying.
7. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Yes, yes, the famous Wake Me Up foundation, I've heard wonders about this one. I see that here, in Oulu, the price of these product is relatively higher than anywhere else. I don't want to waste more money on these if I can have the same thing just cheaper in a month time. *crossing fingers*

There are more things that I want, but I'd stick to 7, don't wanna be too greedy, aye?
x, Nessie

A Day Under The Cold Sun

Fringe Shirt from unknown
Skull Scarf from unknown
Leather Jacket from Zara
Dark Blue Jeggings from CoolJeans
Boots from Caprice
Sunnies from H&M

It was sunny, but it was cold. How can you explain that?
I think I explained it pretty accurately, the 8 degrees cel. wasn't the friendliest, but it was quite a day.
We got our unlimited bus tickets, meaning we could totally go anywhere without having to care how much we'd spend daily. I quite like the idea.