Monday, July 22, 2013

Tidung Island Adventure!!

Okay, I've been DYING to share this one.
I've worked on the video for a bit, despite the lack of materials, I'm quite happy with how it turns out.

My cousins and I went to Pulau Tidung for 3 days and 2 nights. Everything was okay, but I personally didn't like the fact that the island is a lot dirtier than what I thought it'd be. I went to Pramuka Island with my high school once and it's a lot better than Tidung, I can tell you that.

My favorite activity was snorkeling. We rented an underwater camera that lead us to get a bit in trouble with the travel agent. Honestly he was being a dick. The camera got an error and formatted the card, he just returned our money and without any apology he said that it's not working. I told him that I can get it back with some software, they didn't care at all. I was PISSED, so one of my cousins STOLE the card and brought it back. We didn't care about the money at all, we told him to keep it (with the cash, you can get 2 more cards.) But he insisted we take it back. I couldn't care less, they were being disrespectful and terrible hosts. Anyways, we did get our photos after all! #YEAY!

from left to right : Arnas Zaki D. Wedding, Ilham Wedding, Zulfiyah Panwar-Wedding, Me, Kemal F. Judge, Tania Rahma Safira Panwar, Shahnaz Samantha N. Wedding, Nazneen Judge
After all, it was very fun, I really enjoyed spending time with my cousins,
I hope we'll have more opportunities to do something crazy like this again!
till later, 

x, nessie

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