Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Terrible ID-ea !

So anyways, I realized that I do not have any ID photos, or any formal photo for that matter. Oh, actually I do have one, but they photoshopped my piercings with their low photoshop skills, and I looked like I have a bald white patch near my ear, I don't really dig the look, to be honest. So, I asked my sister to take a DIY id photo for my CV. The picture on the left is what we finally got.

Turns out, ID photo isn't my forte. Look at how unorganized my hair is. I can't even add or edit more of that. My boobs look like they're about to burst out of my blazer, and if you noticed, my shirts have holes on em. HAHA! I look so big and overall, it's a terrible photo.

So we took bunch of other random photos instead. I've given up trying to look smart, I just can't. 

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