Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dad's 56th Birthday - A Hawaiian Party

Happy 56th Birthday to my Ol' Man!
For a couple weeks now, Nazneen has had the idea of throwing him a Hawaiian Party. Indonesia's pretty exotic all by itself, so she'd thought it'd be perfect to have a barbecue by the pool.
I didn't know what I was going to wear, but I found my old jumpsuit and it looks lovely.
We had a lot of dishes, but since it was an intimate party for 7 people, we didn't finish everything.
I believe I had a whole fish to myself, yep, I nearly died.
 Preparation; I set up the candles and Kak Kemal's the chef of the night! with those fabulous Grill Machine!

 Everything was set up beautifully. 
My dad came home expecting to see a small dinner, but instead, my mom has found her long lost grill set and set it up for my meat-expert cousin to cook. He did wonderfully well! It was really delish.


All and all, it was a successful party.
Great, maybe one day if I have a family on my own, they would not forget my birthday and left me crying the whole day. Maybe. Just maybe. (: 

X, Nessie

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